I’ve posted a few time via social media about chowing down on sautéed spinach and been asked a time or two about how I like to make it.

Normally I’m a “dump-and-taste” cook but I finally took the time to measure it all out so that is a shareable recipe.

This is the bag of spinach I used. 


I get it from Costco and all that spinach cost me less than $5 a bag.

Love this stuff…



Sautéed Spinach Ingredients:

2.5 lb bag of Spinach (Costco)

2T olive oil

1 medium or large onion

1T pepper

2 tsp salt ( I used sea salt)



Because I was cooking so much spinach at one time, I basically divided all the ingredients in half and cooked half of the recipe twice.

The spinach leaves starts out filling a large pot and then cooks down to nothing but you have to start out with a pot/pan large enough to hold all those leaves 🙂

Start out by washing those leaves.

1⃣ Pour olive oil in a pot over medium heat.

2⃣ While the oil is warming up, slice the onion to your desires thickness.

3⃣ Sautee onion in pot. It just needs to be a bit translucent.

4⃣ Add in Spinach

5⃣ With tongs or a spoon, rotate the spinach from the bottom to the top, so that it all cooks evenly. Don’t over cook! I don’t like my spinach to look like I just poured it out of a can. I like the leaves to steal have a little “life” left when I remove it from the stove.

6⃣ When it looks about right, add in your salt and pepper. Remember to split my measurements in half if you are bulk cooking.

7⃣ Before you cook the next batch, add a little more oil to the pot/pan.


cooked spinach

Let me know if you try it and how it turns out!