to feel EMPOWERED!

Walking in the way of a kingdom woman will transform you forever. Starting now, you can discover your true spiritual destiny and leave discouragement behind.

Come with Dr. Tony Evans and his daughter Chrystal Evans Hurst as they explain how you can unleash new spiritual purpose, power, and possibilities in your life. Tony Evans’ inspired teaching will give you new and transforming insights into biblical principles, assuring you that God is on your side and that He tenderly cares about every woman.

With humor and vulnerability, Chrystal Hurst shares personal and practical insights that will help you embrace your role as a woman with wisdom, spiritual beauty, and sensitivity.

You don’t have to seek anyone else’s approval for the life God has given you.

Today live like the woman God designed you to be.

“To you has been given the secret of the kingdom of God.”
MARK 4 : 1 1 ( E S V )

Women, you’ve been given a special blessing—and it can’t stay secret for long. God has created you to be a kingdom woman. A kingdom woman makes a difference wherever she goes. And that gets noticed both in heaven and on earth.

Maybe you are confident in your skills and abilities but are overwhelmed by the demands of life. Maybe you are scared and depressed or feel life has been unfair to you. No matter what your situation or life circumstances, Kingdom Woman will encourage and challenge you to be transformed by God’s truth, seek His best, and move forward in the abundant life He has for you! The principles within these pages will empower you to change your life, live as a kingdom woman, and enjoy a brighter tomorrow.

Don’t wait another minute. This is what you were made for. Become the kingdom woman God created you to be.

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“Every page will encourage and inspire you to become the woman you were created to be. This must-read is sure to transform your life.”
Priscilla Shirer, Speaker and author of The Resolution for Women
“Never have women been bombarded with so many competing demands, choices, and expectations. Kingdom Woman . . . empowers us to believe God, and with great faith to step into the purpose and plan He has for our lives.”
Christine Caine, founder of The A21 Campaign and best-selling author of Undaunted