Do you struggle with inviting people into your home?  Maybe you’re a person who enjoys hanging out with other people, but you are letting things like an imperfect house, or loads of laundry on the couch keep you from opening your door to friends.  I got to chat with my friend, Margaret Feinburg today, and she encouraged me to remember those things, those small hindrances, are actually keeping me from experiencing community in the way God intended. 


Margaret is a really fun person, she’s the kind that’s always up for a good adventure.  She even ventured all the way to the holy land to immerse herself in the foods of the Bible, and I love that about her.  My husband is always up for a food adventure, as well, so I often get to go along for the ride. Today, I’ll tell you a story about a barbeque adventure we took once.  But these little adventures are the stuff of life. Life is found in sitting around a table, and breaking bread together. Life is found in taking road trips to famous barbeque joints, and life is found in the community we find when we invite others into our less than perfect homes, and say “You’re welcome here”. 

Margaret’s new book, Taste and See, is an invitation to us to discover God among butchers, bakers, and fresh food makers.  And as I mentioned, she went all the way to the Holy Land to meet artisanal chefs and pick olives in Croatia in order to bring this book to us.  While picking olives, she says her hands were scratched, cut and bleeding but because of the healing design of the olives, “even in the hard work, the healing was already beginning”. Isn’t that a great metaphor for our lives?

I loved my fun, energetic and joy-filled conversation with Margaret and I’m so glad you’re here for it too.  I hope you love it. 


Highlights from Today’s  Episode:

  • Practical ways for Choosing Joy
  • The Power of Silent Prayer
  • Practicing Hospitality
  • Balancing Instagram posting
  • Being Present in the Moment

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  1. What are some practical ways you can choose joy in the middle of your storm?
  2. What would it require of you to open your home in the name of hospitality?
  3. What steps can you take today toward incorporating a practice of silent prayer in your life?
  4. Do you struggle with balancing your real life with your Instagrammable moments?  What are some things you could do to be more present in your real life?

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