Conflicted.  That is the word to describe how I feel about the best way to rip remove the fuzz off of my face.

But it’s all about the beauty.

All About Beauty

If you are just now tuning in to my blog for “The Mustache Chronicles”, catch up by reading THIS POST to understand the problem I’m trying to solve; then read THIS POST for my initial inquiry into the options for removing the soft fuzzies that grow on my face.

And even after two blog posts dedicated to this silly subject, I still am not sure what I want to do.

I tend to be a perfectionist.  I’m working on that.

But I’m still not there.

I still prefer to do as much homework as possible and make the “right” decision.

You guys have been great about helping me do my research.  You have weighed in faithfully about your own hair removal techniques.  I’ve read everything in the comments.

But, I have to say that the woman who shared how she uses Nair for her facial hair got me.

Doesn’t the bottle specifically forbid using it on the face?

But honestly it doesn’t matter.

I’m not sure that there is any “right” way to inflict discomfort, pain, or any sort of burning sensation on my facial skin.

This is ridiculous.

I know I’m making a mountain out of a molehill.

But I don’t care.

It’s my face.

As I have taken my foray into “The Mustache Chronicles” further, I have found that it’s not just about the mustache, it’s about the mustache, the eyebrows, the chin, and the beard.

This pic came from last week’s visit to the threading shop with my oldest daughter.

I was dumbfounded.

So many choices for facial hair removal

It’s all apparently a big deal.

So I’ve taken a few more days to talk to a few gals about their facial hair routine.

First interviewee?  My sister.



She apparently decided not to hold back on her advice.

What is with people taking the conversation from facial hair and applying it to my legs?

I can only deal with one part of my body at a time.

My face is the topic of discussion right now.

We have officially migrated from mustache only to eyebrows as well.

But why not?

brows are the window frame

Well… Silla is clear. The razor works for her.  But the razor is not the only way to handle the situation.

I have other friends that were willing to share their own take on how to deal with their “overgrowth”.

Here’s a great video where they plug their preferred method.

Thanks in advance to my friends, Brittany, Sherry, & Shundria for letting me invade their private hairy lives

…and letting me practice my iPhone/iMovie editing skills.


Bottom line?  I think I just have to close my eyes and pick.

So here’s my conclusion.  I’m gonna wax my lips and thread my eye brows.  I will experience both… then… I will try to keep one or both of them up for a time by plucking or shaving.

(Can you just see me in the car on my way to church with a razor scraping the prickly hairs off my upper lip)

What do you think of my plans?  Would love to hear from you in the comments.

I will report back soon with my findings.

And then we can move on to other madness for the month of March.

I’ve spent entirely too long on this whole mustache, turned eyebrow, turn chin hair thing.

It’s my kids fault.

If they never would have noticed my ‘stache, we wouldn’t even be here.

Mommy why do you have a mustache?image via

What started out as a quest to remove the mustache has grown into so much more.

I figure… at least if I don’t get the hair thing right… at least I’m on my way to being a great videographer.

Any other ideas about meaningless topics I can delve into for the rest of the month?

Share your ideas with me by leaving  a comment!

March Madness - The Mustache Chronicles

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