This has been a year like no other, and with Christmas quickly approaching, that means it’s time to sit back and enjoy Chrystal’s Christmas Collection! Kariss and I continue our mother-daughter tradition of hosting the Christmas Collection and we had tons of fun, as always!

Each year Kariss and I throw on super plush onesies, grab a steaming mug of warm goodness, and bundle up all our favorite things from the year to share them with you!  From self-care products to tech to faith tools to fashion, and more, we’ve got something for everyone on your Christmas list, and plenty of fun finds to add to your own list!

In this episode, we share some of our dependable go-to items and even shed light on some new items that we’ve recently come across. This is year four of our shenanigans and this one is just as enjoyable as the ones before. You can watch our foolery on YouTube or listen on the go to the audio from our live show.

Highlights from Today’s Episode:

  • Gifts for you and others
  • Accessories and Stocking Stuffers
  • Tech and kitchen gifts 
  • Fun for the family

Resources from today’s show

Other Stuff to Check Out

Let’s Talk!

  1. What are some of your favorite gifts to give?
  2. How do you take care of yourself during the holidays?
  3. What’s one unique gift that you’ve given or received?

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