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O.K.  Back to the mustache mania happening on my blog.

Sorry it’s taken me so long to share my commentary from the last’s week hair removal adventure.

I’ve been recovering.

Don’t get me wrong…

It’s nice to get rid of some old hair above my lip and around my eyebrows but the experience was not pain free and the jury is still out on what will continue to happen over the long haul. So here’s the recap.

This whole shenanigan situation started because my kids noticed that their Mommy had a mustache. When this mess began, that was my only goal…

To get rid of the mustache.

But then, as I investigated all of the different ways to remove the ‘stache, I realized that while I was at it, I might as well get my brows cleaned up as well.

If I’m hairy, I’m not just hairy above my lip right?

So the journey began to uncover the various methods of hair removal and I decided upon threading for the brows and waxing for the lip.

I figured I could experience both and then decide which to continue… IF I decided to continue the practice at all.

The threading won hands down.


Not only was my upper lip traumatized from the hot-then-cooled-waxed pulled violently away from my skin, the next morning, I was still a little swollen and sensitive.

The threading had no aftershocks whatsoever.

I could definitely thread my brows again.  However, for now, I will resort to plucking individual random hairs from my nicely cleaned brows as they grow in.  I don’t want to yet incur a regular beauty bill by paying someone else to maintain what I can maintain – at least for a while.

Not sure what’s gonna happen with that mustache tho’.

I’m told that next time I go to wax the lip should I choose to do so, it won’t be so bad because I don’t have as much hair to pull.

I’m not sure how I feel right now about the person who actually said that to me.. “I won’t have as much hair to pull”.  I mean… what are they implying?

I did ask the hair removal lady why someone would choose to wax versus having their brow or lip threaded.  She said that threading is better for your skin because it doesn’t pull so much at your skin.

I can see that.

She also said that threading takes off all the small hair whereas waxing takes only the longer hairs.

Apparently, I had a lot of long hairs.

(And this would be why I was not and am STILL not interested in a full leg wax – OUCH to the heavens!!!)

I’ve also been told that no matter what I do to my lip, it will hurt worse because the tissue above is soft and sensitive by nature.

Some ladies have informed me that there is a Nair designed  for the face. Others have reminded me that laser is an option I can try. Maybe I need to go a kinder/gentler route than ripping hairs from their follicles.

We’ll see ya’ll… we’ll see.

While, sadly The Mustache Chronicles must come to an end, I have had a fun time trying something new and ridding myself of some old hair.

Here’s my face before and after  hair removal.


If you want to watch the entire threading and waxing experience, you can watch this video (4:41):

How did I feel the next morning?  Watch this next video (3:31)

So that’s the commentary on my old hair, once-removed.

I hope you stick with me for the rest of my March Madness commentary about non-sensical stuff that doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of life but that matters enough to me to make it a matter of discussion.

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March Madness - The Mustache Chronicles