As promised, here is my recipe for Tilapia.  I have done two versions – one for when you are cooking small and one for when you are cooking for a herd of people.  Sometimes I just need the quick version for lunch for me. Sometimes I’m cooking ahead for the week or serving dinner for my family. I’ll post the cooking small version today and the family version tomorrow.

I was faithful to post a healthy Jerk Chicken recipe last week and promised those of you who  follow me on Instagram that I’d post my tilapia recipe as well.

Before I launch into the world of Tilapia, don’t forget that I plan to launch my podcast next Monday  on 5/5 so be on the lookout for instructions for how to listen.  Faith, family, food, fitness, and FUN!  That about sums it up and I can’t wait!

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Again… my disclaimer?  I’m a simple cook.  If it requires too much time, planning, or preparation, I won’t do it.


Pan-Sauteed Tilapia

1/2 tsp black pepper

1/2 tbs parsley

1 tsp cumin

1/2 – 1 tsp dill weed

salt to taste

1/2 tbs olive oil or coconut oil

2 tilapia fillets (I like the tilapia loins from Costco.  They come frozen and individually packaged.  I think Walmart sells them like this too.  My daughter in college gets her from there.)

Add oil to pan.  Hit on medium high heat. Dab your fish with a paper towel.  Dry fish cooks better.

Photo Apr 28, 3 45 39 PM

Sprinkle about half of the seasonings on tilapia. Turn the fish over and sprinkle the rest on the other side.

Photo Apr 28, 3 40 08 PM

Photo Apr 28, 3 53 35 PM

When you can add a drop of water to the oil and it sizzles a tad, it’s time to add the tilapia.  Cook for approximately 7 minutes on one side and 3 to 4 on the other. Feel free to break open with a fork to ensure that it’s done.

Photo Apr 28, 4 06 20 PM


Wanna “jack it up”? (Said in my “Say Yes to the Dress” voice 🙂

Serve that baby over some sauteed Kale

Don’t clean out the pan.  Those fish crumbs will add flavor to the Kale.

Add another 1/2 tsp of oil to the pan

Chop of a red onion or yellow onion – your choice

Chop of one head of kale.  I slice the leafy part at the top and then manually pull the leaves off of the thicker stem towards the bottom.

Photo Apr 28, 4 08 05 PM

Add onions to the pan to carmelize first.  Then add kale – continually turning the kale over until it’s wilted just a tad and looks a little shiny from the oil.  I don’t add any other seasonings to the kale itself.  I let the fish flavor the plate.  HOWEVER, I do love to add a teaspoon of some random Asian sauce every not and then.  You don’t need much!  A little goes a long way. This time I added this one:

Photo Apr 28, 4 13 05 PM


Voila! Serve!

Photo Apr 28, 4 15 01 PM


You can even be extraterrestrial and garnish with additional colorful fruit if you like!  It’ll make you feel like you are doing your own cooking show 🙂

Photo Apr 28, 4 35 01 PM

I’ll post the family style version of the Tilapia with another “jacked up version” tomorrow.