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What was it like working with your Dad?

Amazing. Simply amazing.  I know the man is brilliant but I don’t think I realized how much I took his brain for granted.  He is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to things of the Bible and otherwise really.  I just tried to keep up.  That said, it was nice to know that he could benefit from me too a bit.  The book is a balance of the spiritual and the practical as I added some of the lessons I’ve learned that flesh out some of the theology that he presents.  In the course of the project, I had precious time to process some of my own experiences in the light of Kingdom principles by asking my Dad and pastor lots of questions and seeking to understand my own journey in the light of God’s Word.  Working with my Dad is the privilege of a lifetime.


Why is this kind of book such a great resource for women to read?

There are lots of books out there that are written to encourage women in their relationship with God. There are also a lots of books out there, many with a feminist bent, that encourage women to achieve their full potential and in doing so push past traditional or cultural barriers. I have yet to see a book that both encourages women to align with God’s design for them while at the same time spelling out a design that also includes a message of empowerment.  When God created man and woman and placed them in paradise, His instruction to both of them was to rule.  In the quest for women throughout history to be recognized for God-given talents, skills, and abilities, waves of women have been led to do so by leaving God out.  God’s design and the possibilities for women as He created them do not have to be mutually exclusive.  This book delves into a thoroughly God-focused, yet full empowering message for women to understand His plan and purpose for their lives.


What principle from the book resonated the most for you?

Oh! That’s an easy question to answer. God uses imperfect women. Throughout the Bible, God used women who didn’t necessarily come from the right family or the right city.  He used women who weren’t the right age or that didn’t have the right status.  God gloried in using women who weren’t loved the right way by others or who didn’t know how to rightly love themselves.  And in every single case, He works a miracle – in her, through her, or around her. I’m not perfect and I don’t know any women who are.  The good news is we don’t have to be.  God takes joy in making miracles out of messed up situations.  I don’t have to have it all together to be a Kingdom  Woman.  I just have to be willing to bring all I am and who I am to Him and let Him do His thing.


What is your favorite chapter of Kingdom Woman?

That question is not so easy.  So many of them speak to me.  If I had to choose I’d say Chapter 5 – The Power of a Kingdom Woman’s Faith. The reason why I have a good idea of what Kingdom Woman living looks like is that I have had good examples to look at.  In this chapter I reflect on the lives and legacies of my grandmothers who both have been walking examples of what a Kingdom Woman looks like when she exercises faith beyond feelings.  Because this chapter is so very personal and emotional, I think I’d choose this one. Everytime I read over it, tears come to my eyes.  Both because, I am ministered to and because I love those two women so very much.


What is Kingdom Woman about?

Every woman – in every season – and in any situation, has power.  Through the transforming power of God available to her, she is capable of unleashing her full potential and purpose as she embracing God’s design for her and her role as a woman.  While many women are enjoying this day and age where we have so many opportunities never available before to our gender, other women are crumbling under the pressure to do all or be all in the light of the options available to us.

This book is about the wonderful possibilities that emerge for a woman when she aligns with the dreams that God has in mind for her.  Not only will you be encouraged to seek God and the purposes that He has in store for you, but you will be inspired to do so in the power that He offers when we do things His way.

In our culture there is an abundance of opinions and suggestions from professionals, high profile personalities, and pop culture in general as to what a woman should be, what she should have, and what she should be able to achieve.  But there is another definition of woman. And the One who designed her wants us to know about the wonderful thoughts He had in mind for her when he created her.

This book will guide every women to the understanding of who God created her to be, what he created her to do, and how He empowers her to do it.

Each reader will sense from this work that God is on her side and that He tenderly cares about every female on this giant, male-dominated planet. Tony Evans’s inspired teaching gives new and transforming insights into biblical principles that can transform. I think my experiences and life-lessons learned add a practical aspect to the book and invites every woman to join me in the journey as we seek to be Kingdom women together.


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