The Kingdom Woman – One Month Journey is coming!  While there are still some details that I’m working on, there are a few things I would love to share with you today!

You're Invited

What:  Kingdom Woman – One Month Journey

Who: Any woman who desires to not only read Kingdom Woman but apply Kingdom Woman so she can activate change in her life!

When:  Every Wednesday starting September 4th and ending October 2nd… and then some!

Where: A few places!

Main Spot – The Chrystal’s Chronicles Blog. I will post every Wednesday on a concept from the chapters we are reading and reviewing during that particular week.  You can visit the site to read and then leave a comment to share your reflections and to read and learn from the reflections of others. There will be more exciting and fun ways to connect on the blog.  Stay tuned!…

Social Media – There will be a weekly one hour Facebook Party AND a weekly one hour  Twitter Chat!  We’ll set the web ablaze with our #KingdomWoman  chatter and have fun at the same time!

Small Group – I would like to encourage as many of you as possible to use this journey as an opportunity to meet weekly with friends or maybe your existing small group, so that you can share, work through, or even wrestle with the messages that God is using from Kingdom  Woman to prick your heart or encourage you on the journey. One month is short enough to commit to and long enough for us to develop deeper community with others.  Remember that “iron sharpens iron…” (Proverbs 27:17)

Solo – While this study will be great to do in the context of a group… It will also be great to do OYO (on your own)! Some of my greatest studies have come from me working through a book or a Bible study and just keeping it raw between me and Jesus!  If you need to do the journey alone or CHOOSE to do the journey solo, you will still derive great benefit from actively engaging in the message of the Kingdom Woman book and seeking God’s wisdom for how to apply it to your life.  And you won’t really be alone.  You’ll have ME!… and all of the new online friends you will meet online during our journey together.

What do I do next?  Well I’m so glad you asked!

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  2. Call, inbox, message, text, or tap your friends on the shoulders and start talking about how you girls will make this One Month Experience work for you!
  3. Make sure that you have either “liked” my page on Facebook or followed me on Twitter… or both!  Again, this way you won’t miss anything!

WHEW!  That’s a mouthful! And I haven’t even told you about some of the best parts!

Because I’ve been busy working on plans for this adventure.  I have not been creative enough to come up with an excellent, thoughtful, life-changing, blog post!  However, I thought while you wait on more information from me on the Journey, you might want to simply learn a little bit more about me!

Tune in tomorrow for some Kingdom Woman Q & A! I’ll provide a few fun facts to tide you over until I can create space in my brain to write a soul-stirring blog post 🙂

FYI…that space in my brain is not just occupied with OMJ planning.  Dirty dishes, piles of laundry, and plans for our homeschool year are occupying my gray matter too! Being a Kingdom Woman is a trip I tell ya!

But my journey is the journey of a lifetime.  My prayer for you is that your journey is as well!