Who is this KIngdom Woman?

(Don’t miss some music that will make your day.  Be sure and read/scroll all the way to the end of this post.)

Over the last couple of weeks, via Facebook or Twitter, I have been asking the question, “Who is this #KingdomWoman, and then asking women to fill in the blank with their thoughts.

But when I ask the question, I like to “prime the pump” first.  Here’s one of my previous posts…

Who is this ‪#‎KingdomWoman‬?

I am… when I don’t wallow in self-defeat but choose to get up, dust off, and keep going.

Your turn. I am a #KingdomWoman when I _________…

You fill in the blank!.

Then I watch as others respond and tell me why they consider themselves to be a #KingdomWoman.  I get lots of responses!  Here are a few from last week.

 “When I don’t give up on my students.” ~ Karla

“When I don’t allow the attitudes of other to dictate my day.” ~ Towanda

“When I choose to forgive AND be pleasant.” ~ Janice

“When I choose to let go of the bitterness and become better.” ~ Elisha

“When I learn to say ‘no’.” ~ Zee

“When I choose not to complain when things seem to be taking too long.” ~ Halicia

“When I allow the Lord to activate my eyes of faith.” ~ Nicole

“When I bless others.” ~ Karen

“When I remember that God is still on the throne.” ~ Leilani

I was so blessed to see all of those responses, but I have to say, this one in particular stood out for me…

“When I didn’t give in to the irritable attitude that I had this morning, but instead sang hymns.” ~ Donna

Maybe Donna’s comment struck a cord with me because I was having a bad day?  Maybe I was in the middle of throwing an adult temper tantrum and having a bad attitude?  I’m not sure.  But this one definitely stood out.

It reminded me of something that I’ve seen before.  Something, that until Donna responded, I hadn’t thought of in a long time.

Singing your way through a situation.

I have had the privilege of growing up around godly women, and I’ve noticed something over the years.  Many times, I would catch them singing.  Maybe my mom was making a bed.  Maybe my “Grandma” was scrubbing a floor.  Maybe my “Two Mama” was cutting up potatoes for her wonderful potato salad.  They would sing while they worked.



But maybe sometimes my mom was very irritated with the disobedience of her children. Maybe my “Grandma” was frustrated because she was married to a traveling husband and had the primary joy and burden of raising eight kids by herself.  Maybe my “Two Mama” was thinking about their financial troubles and wondering how they were going to have enough money for retirement.

They still chose to sing.

Now, as an adult woman, I realize that sometimes you sing because it’s a way to keep your mind focused on things above when you really want to wallow on things below that happen to be driving you absolutely C-R-A-Z-Y. Sometimes you sing to keep from yelling, or crying, or running away.  Sometimes you sing, to remember that when you feel love from no one else, you serve a God who loves you.

A God who sees you.

The choice to sing is not about whether or not you feel worthy of singing a solo at church or hiring a band and going on tour!  It’s a choice to open your mouth and put words to some kind of tune (even if you are out of tune) until the song of your mouth matches the song of your heart.

But I know that sometimes, you don’t have a song in your heart. So today, and especially because it’s Monday and because I need to encourage MYSELF, I’ve included a couple of videos of others singing to get me in the mood and hopefully motivate me to do the same.

Maybe for today, I can borrow their song.

Maybe today, their song will encouarage you too.

(Keep scrolling to watch some soul-stirring videos)

While I don’t know this woman personally, I can feel her love for Jesus when I watch her video on YouTube. Say hello to Mother Hazel.

My brother @AnthonyEvansJr and sissy @Priscilla Shirer leading our church in worship earlier this year.