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I NEVER run without music.

Maybe that makes me not a real runner.

Oh well.

In order for me to keep my mind off of the fact that I can’t breathe, I need something pumping into my ears to keep me totally distracted.

After months of training for my first marathon and hundreds of miles run in preparation for the big day, I found that I amassed quite a bit of music. Not only am I a total music lover (and a bit of an audiophile), I am grateful to have some great peeps on Facebook and Twitter who were willing more than a few times to make some great suggestions.  As a result, I not only listened to artists or songs I was familiar with, I also was introduced to a bunch of music that was new for me.

I found that I had well over 100 songs and WAY more music than I could ever listen to… even during my 26.2 mile run.

So I figured that I would share!

I basically whittled down my 150+ songs to my favorite 101 and have published my running playlist via Spotify. If you don’t have Spotify, click here to get it. You can join for free to listen. You should be able to listen right from this blog post.

If you are wondering, I do pay for the premium version of Spotify because $10 keeps me from spending money on songs I might not like and allows me to listen to virtually ANYTHING I could think of to search for.  I get all of the songs I want without having to pay more than $10.  I can listen to any song, in any order, and can skip around in the song if I choose. The premium membership also allows me to download the music to my iPhone or computer so that I can play them even if I don’t have an internet connection and so that I don’t have to use the data on my phone.

Totally worth it for me!

So thanks to those of you who gave me a song suggestion or two.  The music kept me going and STILL keeps me going (even though I haven’t been running as much but I’m going to fix that soon).

OK… so the music is below for your listening pleasure.

Please keep this in mind… I love ALL KINDS of music. There are lots of songs here that helped me run & worship. There are ALSO plenty of songs here that straight-up kept me hype during my runs & made me want to move.

You will find Mandisa, Kari Jobe, and Brooke Fraser mixed with Beyonce, Pink, and Lady Gaga. Kirk Franklin, Royal Tailor, and Lecrae are joined by ColdPlay, Lil Jon, and Pharrell.

So… enjoy what floats your boat and ignore the rest.

101 Songs from My Running Playlist!