If you are so tired that you can’t possibly read another blog post, be sure to at least scroll to the end of today’s post to watch the video.  You will smile.

When You Are Tired of Being a Mom

At this very moment, I can honestly say. I’m exhausted.

My brain hurts. Literally.

I currently have one in kindergarten, planning for one to graduate from high school, and fielding calls from yet another who is getting married in a few months.

And that description doesn’t even include the one on their way into junior high and the other who is balancing their 3rd graduate education with speech therapy appointments.

And did I tell you I homeschool?

My brain hurts.


In less than a month, Mother’s Day is coming around yet again. But it’s not really a day off because regardless of what my husband or kids do for me to ease my load for a few hours, I still have my own mother, grandmother, sister, aunts etc. to celebrate.

My brain hurts.

Angry, Frustrated Woman

What would life be like if I could just come home at the end of the day and not meet any needs outside of my own?

What would life be like if there were no special requests for less butter or more butter on the breakfast toast.

What if the socks I bought a few weeks ago could actually hold on to their mate for more then a few days.

What if?

Would I be lonely?

Would I be happier?

Would I be more at peace?

Would I?

Why did I think that this job of motherhood would be similar to the likes of June Cleaver, Claire Huxtable, or Carol Brady.

It’s not.

Unlike June, I have no pearls.

Unlike Claire, I’m rarely perfectly put together and in a state of unbelievable calm and control.


Unlike Carol, there is no live-in Alice.



I can hear you thinking as I type…

“Why in the world would this crazy girl tell the whole world that motherhood is eating her lunch?”

Because it’s true.

Because I’m not the only one whose brain hurts.

I’m not the only one whose kids are going in different directions and pulling her in all of them.

I’m not the only one who smiles then turns and rolls her eyes when Mother’s Day comes around.

I’m not the only one who is yearning for a little peace and quiet, worn out from making mealtime meaningful, or exasperated due to the never ending search for matching socks.


And brain hurting and all. I keep going.

I’m not the only one.

I’m not the only who is balancing work and family and then whatever is left of my personal life.


I’m not the only one who perseveres through the headache or the stuffy nose or the PMS attacks.

I’m not the only one who goes to yet another preschool graduation even though she doesn’t understand why there is so much hoopla for graduating from p-r-e-s-c-h-o-o-l.

I’m not the only who stays up late, gets up early, and learns how to smile when she really wants to yawn.


I’m not the only one.

I’m not the only one who vacuums more than the chore schedule requires because my wonderfully messy kids can’t respect the fact that I JUST DID IT YESTERDAY.

I’m not the only one who vacuums without pearls either.


I’m not the only one who knows she should talk to her children in a cool calm collected voice and finds herself ABSOLUTELY LOOSING IT.

And when I lose it, I do NOT look put together.

I’m not the only one who has kids going on in all different directions and every now and then I forget who is supposed to be where.

And there is no Alice to pick them up if I forget.

Ssssshhhh don’t tell anybody but I’m not SuperMom….


I’m not the only one.

I’m not the only mom who despite the fact that her brain hurts, she

… keeps loving

… keeps giving

…keeps extending herself yet one more hour into the night.

I’m not the only one who’s children are her very heart walking around outside of her body, praying that they will do well by the essence of her soul which she has poured into them every chance she got.

That’s what moms do.

We love when it hurts.

We serve when we are tired.

We keep going when we want to pass out in exhaustion.


And while there is another post to be written on another day about the need for balance, self-care, and healthy boundaries…

Today is the day I want to say that sometimes mothering is hard and that it’s OK to admit it.

I know that everyday I live, I am more and more aware and appreciative of the sacrifices my mother made for me.

She in many ways, but especially as a mom, is a kingdom woman in the flesh.

I know now I wasn’t easy.

In fact, I was hard… VERY hard.

And I know my mother must have suffered from doggone near an aneurism.

But she stuck with it.

She stuck with me.

Mother’s day is coming ya’ll.

And I want to stand up and say, motherhood is what it is.

It’s great. It’s hard. It’s worth something.

I want to stand up and applaud you WAY before Mother’s Day because today, when it’s NOT Mother’s Day, you need a standing ovation.

Today when there are no flowers or chocolates or gifts… you need to know that you matter and that another mother somewhere in the universe gets you and thinks you are AWESOME even if…

…your floor is dirty

…you have been wearing the same T-shirt for three days

…you are still working on home organization regardless of how many times you have been to the Container Store.


You are awesome.

And even if you are tired, your brain feels a bit fuzzy, or you want to run screaming like a banshee out your front door and down the middle of your neighborhood street…

You are NORMAL.

Happy early Mother’s Day.

I’ll end this post with two things: a video that will make you smile and a great gift you can give to make another mama’s day.

As Mother’s Day approaches, I’ve decided to give a few moms in my life a reminder that I think they rock – even if they have days where they don’t necessarily feel like it. Is there someone in your life that could use a bit of an ovation or a little encouragement?  Maybe YOU need a reminder or maybe your mom, aunt, or grandmother would appreciate your recognition of their efforts on your behalf.

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