three things thursday

Don’t know how long this Three Things Thursday is gonna last but it’s fun!  Today I have another repost for you as well as a couple of friend’s who have allowed me to guest post on their site.

First of all, I was asked a few times this weekend to share my recommendations for preschool and kindergarten aged curriculum ideas.  Whether you homeschool or not, it’s just good to have educational activities and ideas in your arsenal to keep those kiddos busy and their active minds and body engaged.  I reposted an article that I wrote about seven years ago.  One day, I’ll get around to updating it with more ideas and activities.  But for now,  you can check out the post on Great Preschool Resources and I hope it gets your juices flowing and your wheels turning!

Also, my friend Sarah Mae has a great blog where she encourages moms.  You can go over to her place to catch my guest post on What I Thought About Motherhood.  Hope it encourages you too.

Lastly, if you don’t know about Kendra’s blog Preschoolers and Peace, you should. Kendra, like me, is in the throws of motherhood with young adults and with little bitties.  She is a wealth of information and loves to share her practical experience.  I have learned so much from her over the years and I’m just tickled that she would let me share a tid-bit or too with her audience.  Rubbing Off is a about what a lizard taught me about my affect on my children.  Hope you like it!

Oh!  and by the way… winners of the “Where are YOU reading Kingdom Woman” contest coming soon!  Can’t wait to SHOW you the prizes!