Chrystal’s Chronicles Repost (8/1/13):  I was asked recently for suggestions on what to do with preschoolers for “school”.  This is that I honestly need to update and revise but it still has pretty good information here and I think it’s still worth sharing.  The only thing I would add from a few years of experience under my belt?  Enjoy your preschooler.  The years pass soooo quickly and the curriculum or “plan” doesn’t matter nearly as much as you just having fun with your child and giving them a love for learning as best as you know how.

I have yet to seriously blog about what we do for school at home in terms of schedule, curriculum, and philosophy. There is so much to blog about and so little time! But if you’ve been reading my blog for even a little while, you’ve probably picked up that I have a preschoolers and that I homeschool. I’ve mentioned Letter of the Week in a previous post about setting up a preschool environment. I have used this online curriculum as a guide for two years and love it – especially b/c it’s free!

I’ve just stumbled upon another awesome resource for Mom’s who would like to enjoy the learning journey with their little ones. This post was inspired by my find of Hubbard’s Cupboard. Discovering it today has inspired me to start making plans for my littles for the year. Check it out and be sure to come back here to leave a comment and let me know what you think!

I was so excited today about getting ready for learning with my little ones, I decided to post some of my favorite online resources for enjoying these fleeting preschool years.

If you have favorite sites for ideas for young children feel free to leave a comment that includes the web address. I’m always up for hearing about new things.As far as official curriculum that we use, below I have listed the ones that made it down to the final cut. I think I love all of them but, I can’t do them all (maybe over time and with more babies I will). So for now, here is the list that I had “to-pick-from”.

For the upcoming year I plan to use Little Hands to Heaven for my boys along with Letter of the Week. That’s the plan for NOW. The plan is always changing. As long as I don’t stay stuck in the planning phase and get down on the floor and have fun with my little ones, the curriculum doesn’t matter. They won’t remember which curriculum was the best. They’ll just remember that Mommy was with them, playing with them, reading to them, working alongside them, and snuggling them every chance that I get…

I hope this helps someone to come up with ideas and a plan for making good use of the years with your little ones. Remember, this season only lasts a little while! Make the most of it!