three things thursday


Before you get started reading about today’s three things, don’t forget to participate in the “Where are YOU Reading Kingdom Woman” Contest!  Contest ends Saturday, 7/27, at 11:59pm!

Another three things Thursday, you’ve got three options for hearing from me (or one of my friends) today!

I’ve put up another repost of a blog entry from a few years back where I share about one of my favorite people and one of the lessons that I have learned from her.

I’ve also blogged over at Susan Merrill’s place.  Every mom should have a Pooptastic Story to share.  Read to share mine! By the way, if you haven’t picked up a copy of Susan’s book Passionate Mom… you should!  It’s great and practical encouragement for us moms.

Lastly, a new friend of mine, Rheva, blogged about her reflections on my recent release, Kingdom Woman.  I thought that it was meaningful and real so I”m sharing it with you today! (Shhhh…and she’s giving away a copy of the book too!)

So there you have it! There are three posts for you this Thursday to read and review while you kill time during your lunch break, ride the train or bus home, or snuggle under your blanket before you pass out tonight (I can’t wait to get under my covers… whooop!).

Oh yea!  And the winners from Personal Policies Giveaway! – Annette, Dana, & Latora!  Congrats!


Have fun!