Chrystal’s Chronicles Repost (7/25/13):  This is one of my favorite pictures of all time.  I love that it is of my grandmother.  I love that it is of my son. More than anything, I love that it shows two people sharing a moment — a special moment — and not rushing the treasure of a few minutes in time together. It reminds me that taking time — making the time — to make memories is worth it. 

Time spend with loved ones is a precious commodity. There are some relationships that are so rare, they are especially treasured and valued. There are other relationships that we tend to take for granted either because of the proximity of the loved one or the frequency of their availability in our lives.

Either way human relationships and the heart strings that extend from them are fragile, unique, and remarkably distinct. My relationship with my parents, siblings, children, extended family, and friends are each unique. They should all be treasured. All of the opportunities to interact with special people in my life should be relished. I should be all there.

Sometimes the moments that we spend with special people are mundane.  We color one more coloring page, we pass them in the hallway at work, we sit next to them at church, or we see them at the next family birthday party.  Sometimes moments with special people aren’t special, we just figure out how to get through them. We have one more disagreement, we work late on a deadline, we clean up one more spill, or make one more dinner.But sometimes we are in a moment that is so rare, that we just bask in the reality that the event or occurence is special and we just soak up every moment. When moments happen – especially unrepeatable moments – they should be captured and written in our minds and on our hearts to treasure forever.
This was one of those moments.

On this ordinary day, my grandmother knew she was enjoying a one-of-a-kind moment. On this day she relished the opportunity she got to hold on to a high energy preschooler who hardly ever chooses to hang out in one spot. She soaked it up.

One day, little Jesse will know that this moment he shared with his great-grandmother was unique, unrepeatable, and so every special. One day, he will have this photo to remind him that he soaked it all in – even if it was for just a moment.

Who do you need to spend time with today? Find time for the important people. Make memorable moments. Enjoy the uniqueness of the relationships God has blessed you with. Bask in the opportunities you have to be together with the people you cherish.

I’d love to hear from you.  When you read this post, who came to mind?  Who do you want or need to do a better job of creating memorable moments with?