So many of you have started reading Kingdom Woman and have shared with me how life changing it is for you as you seek God’s plan and best for your journey.  That has been so encouraging to both me and my dad to know.

Many others of you have expressed a desire to go deeper. To have the opportunity either on your own or with a group to not only read the book but work through how to apply the book to the life that you are living.

Well, good news is on the horizon!

Soon…and very soon… I will provide details on how we can walk out, together, what it means to be a Kingdom Woman.  My desire is that Kingdom Woman not only inspires and excites you but that it actually helps you to do the work of examining your life, make conscious choices for your life,  or even make necessary changes to your life.


I’m excited about the opportunity to join you on the journey!


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Oh! and if you would like to find what Kingdom Woman is all about, feel free to read more  about the book.

Can’t wait to join you on the journey!