Welcome back to my #marchmadness and the topic of the #manechronicles.

Have you participated in the video challenge yet?

I hope you are not chickening out.

Why don’t you grab your smart phone, tablet, or computer RIGHT NOW, turn the camera towards yourself, and in 60 seconds or less, tell me about YOUR HAIR.


Originally the deadline was midnight tonight, but since I’m delayed in posting today, I’m moving the deadline to midnight TOMORROW.

Here’s the details on the video challenge if you missed Mane Chronicles Part I !

I’d love to SEE you as I hear what you have to say about you and the hair on your head!

I’ll choose from some of the videos to put a collage video together of us girls and what we think about our hair, how we struggle with our hair, love about our hair.  Can’t wait!

Here what you need to do..

  1. Use your phone or computer to take a video of 60 seconds or less talking about you and your hair.
  2. Answer this question – “Are you comfortable/confident with the natural state of the hair on your head.” Said another way?  “Do you like your real hair?”
  3. Email your video to [email protected]
  4. Make sure you include your first name in the body of your email. (Everyone’s email doesn’t have their name in it.)
  5. Get your video in by 11:59 p.m this Thursday (3/27).
  6. I apologize in advance, but I won’t be able to offer technical assistance.  Feel free to enlist the help of a friend (or teenagers are pretty good at this stuff too)!

Be serious. Be funny. Be YOU.  Now… GO!!!

So here we go with today’s topic…

It’s the great coverup.

Women all over the world spend an exorbitant amount of time, energy, and money changing, altering, covering up the natural state of their God-given hair.

It’s worth talking about don’t you think?

I decided to add my mother to the conversation…

My mother is beautiful.  She has always taken great pride in her appearance and never fails to step out looking intentionally put together and on purpose.

I didn’t inherit those genes.

So I’m extremely grateful that I can go to her even now in my adult life, to ask her for her input on how I take care of my physical, spiritual, and and emotional life.

She’s a gem.

So I want to share her nuggets of wisdom and encouragement  on hair with you.

I took a moment this past weekend to interview my mother about her personal #manechronicles.  


She was very free and forthcoming about her own personal hair journey.   

In the video below (4:15 min), she answers the following questions:

Why over the years did you do different things to cover up your gray?

What has inspired you recently to let the gray “hang out”?

What would you say to the woman who doesn’t like the natural state of her hair and covers it up?

What are your thoughts on wigs and weave?

With all this talk about the “outer woman”, what are your thoughts about the “inner woman”?


Here’s the scripture that my Mom was referring to:

Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained in the way of righteousness. Proverbs 16:31 (NIV)

Alright friends… we’ve only got a few more days left in March.

I promise, after the month is over I’ll get back to discussing more serious matters on a regular basis.

But… relax it’s #marchmadness and it’s OK to discuss miscellaneous matters of little importance every once in awhile.

March Madness - The Mustache Chronicles