I’m sitting in a spot with not-good internet access.

Good when you want to be unwired.

Bad when you really need to upload a blog post.

As soon as I get better access, I have a great video to show you.

(Me and my videos right?) 

If you missed the beginning, feel free to read the intro post for the #manechronicles and you’ll be all caught up.

But in the mean time I have a question for ya as we continue with #marchmadness.

And make sure you read all the way to the end because there is a special opportunity for me to hear from YOU and to SEE you too!


Are you happy with the hair on your head?

Whether you are red, yellow, black, or white, are you comfortable and confident with the strands that grow from your scalp in their natural state?

If so, how do you know you are?

And if you are not, what have you done to alter it, change it, or conceal it?

Right now…my hair looks a HOT MESS.

After running a #halfmarathon yesterday, I guess I should give myself a bit of a pass.  But I’m looking at pictures of myself and thinking… “Girl!  What is your hair doing right now!”

Half Marathon Finished!

But back to you and your hair …

Here’s a real good question.  If you are comfortable with your hair and still choose to alter, change it, or conceal it… why do you?

What about texture?

If you are naturally straight, do you curl it?

If you are naturally curly, do you straighten it?

What about color?

Do you cover up your gray or let it shine through?

Do you not like the color of your own hair and choose to be blonde instead of brown?

And length?

Are you dying for it to be longer? (and add hair to make it so?)

Or are you constantly wacking it because you easy works, short is cuter, or you could care less?

It’s our hair girls… let’s talk about it!

Happy with Your Hair?

Leave a comment?  Tell me what your thoughts about your hair!

And if you are up for even more…

Here’s a video challenge for you!

I’d love to SEE you as I hear what you have to say about you and the hair on your head!

I’ll choose from some of the videos to put a collage video together of us girls and what we think about our hair, how we struggle with our hair, love about our hair.  Can’t wait!

Here what you need to do..

  1. Use your phone or computer to take a video of 60 seconds or less talking about you and your hair.
  2. Answer this question – “Are you comfortable/confident with the natural state of the hair on your head.” Said another way?  “Do you like your real hair?”
  3. Email your video to [email protected]
  4. Make sure you include your first name in the body of your email. (Everyone’s email doesn’t have their name in it.)
  5. Get your video in by 11:59 p.m this Wednesday (3/26).
  6. I apologize in advance, but I won’t be able to offer technical assistance.  Feel free to enlist the help of a friend (or teenagers are pretty good at this stuff too)!

Be serious. Be funny. Be YOU.  Now… GO!!!

Relax it’s #marchmadness and it’s OK to discuss miscellaneous matters of little importance every once in awhile.

March Madness - The Mustache Chronicles

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