Can I just be honest?

I have worked really hard over the years to do motherhood well. I have read books, made frugal and wise decisions, cooked healthy meals for my family, and maintained some sense of rhythm and order in my home. I have created home management binders, scheduled my children to 30-minute intervals, gone to conferences, invested in chore charts, and taught myself (and them) how to bake bread.

There have been seasons when some of those activities have worked well. And there have been LOTS of times when I could not seem to pull off a well-run house, properly behaved children, or delicious and appetizing meals no matter how hard I tried.

Sometimes I just straight up #fail.

So, on behalf of all the women who have had great moments of failure in their parenting, their careers, or in their personal relationships, I will walk to the front of the room, grab the microphone and announce to the world:

Hello. My name is Chrystal. I believe I am a Kingdom Woman. And sometimes, I #Fail.

Case in point:

In my ongoing struggle with the #fatdemon, I have a membership at the gym near our home. I normally spend about 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, then migrate to the recumbent bike, where I read for 20 minutes while keeping my heart rate a tad elevated. Then, I come back home, shower, and have a few precious moments of quiet…

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