Chrystal’s Chronicles Repost: While my little-bitties are not so little-bitty anymore.  I remember these days with a very warm heart and fond thoughts.  Every single one of those lazy days was worth it.  Time spent with my children counts for much, even on the days that aren’t perfect.

Today was a long day. It seemed to never end. I woke up tired and after staying in the house all day, I’m STILL tired. Sumo woke up sick and Kano woke up needy. Wiping a nose contantly and while holding a baby is not an easy task. Add to that no breakfast and a late lunch and you have one exhausted Mama.

Sad enough, there was no routine or organization in this day. No, all of my schedule making and planning was nonexistent. Sumo watched TV from the moment he woke up until naptime and then after his naptime he watched another kiddie movie. He was too tired and sick to do anything and I was too tired and worn out to try to come up with anything interesting.
With all of this “hard work” today, I had no energy left for the bedtime routine. My baby boys were all but thrown into their respective beds so I could have some time off. My poor two year old looked so hurt when he realized I was taking him to his room. But…”off you go little one”. Mommy needed a break.

I can’t believe how lazy I was today. Not just how lazy I was but how lazy I felt. Just like a bum. These are the days that make me wonder why I’m even here on earth and what possible good I’m doing on this earth.

Even though today was a failed day by all of today’s perfect Mommy standards and although my children didn’t get their bedtime story and special routine, I still believe that they were better off from having been with their Mommy and having cuddled with their Mommy on the couch. Even though I had only enough energy to lay on the floor and play with Kano and his ball with one hand while my other hand held my head, he got one on one with me. Even though, Sumo had a runny nose, his Mommy wiped it all day long.

I’m forced to find the beauty in a day so bereft of what the world would say is worthwhile. I’m content with my contribution to the world…this day…in my living room…with my children….even if at the end of the day I chunked them in their beds.