Reminder!  We are closing in on the start of our ONE MONTH JOURNEY!  

Only two days left ’til we begin!


Will you help me spread the word that we begin this Wednesday?  

So in celebration of us all reading and reflecting on the Kingdom Woman book together, I figured that today was a great time to announce the winners of the “Where Are YOU Reading Kingdom Woman?” contest!

I received so many pictures from you girls showing me where you were reading your #KingdomWoman book.  You all shared images on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with a vengeance!  It was so fun for me to see that you all were enjoying and reading the book E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E!!!

OK!  So here we go! Let’s start with our 2nd Runner up!

Let me hear a drumroll please!……………………..



2nd Runner-Up “Goodies

Kingdom Woman T-shirt,  Tumbler, Journal, Wristband, & a signed copy of the Kingdom Woman Book!

2nd Runner Up


And the 2nd runner up is….

Amber B.

Amber was reading Kingdom Woman as her fiance’ slept and decided to snap a pic.
I thought this shot was fantastic!




1st Runner-Up “Goodies

Kingdom Woman T-shirt,  Coffee Mug, Tote Bag, Desperate for Jesus “Kingdom Woman” DVD Set, &  signed copy of the Kingdom Woman Book!

1st Runner Up


 And the 1st runner up is….

Tiffany J.

Tiffany spent some time reading Kingdom Woman while she was, uhhhh, otherwise occupied!
Such a unique shot!


and now… our Grand Prize Winner!


Grand Prize Winner “Goodies

Kingdom Woman T-shirt,  Canvas Art, Tote Bag, Set of Personalized Notecards, a signed copy of Kingdom Woman, and…

A personal, 15 minute call, with Tony Evans & Chrystal Hurst!

Grand Prize


And the Grand Prize Winner is….

Alicia G.

Not sure how long the break lasted Alicia… but I’m glad you got a few minutes to yourself!
I could soooo identify with having to hide away to get in a few quiet moments!


Wasn’t that fun?  There were so many great shots that you girls sent in.  I couldn’t help but want to hand out a few more prizes!  So…. here are a few honorable mentions! I’ll send each of you ladies a Kingdom Woman T-shirt!


Love the reading while the baby sleeps!…



Reading by the beach will work for me ANYDAY!…



and then Nicole went for doubles! …on the plane is always great time to read…



and making good use of your time while you do laundry isn’t a bad idea either!…



I hope you this was as fun for you as it was for me!

And the fun is just beginning!

Don’t forget to come back on Wednesday!


Be sure to purchase or download the book!

Grab your girlfriends! Have fun meeting weekly/regularly to talk about your Kingdom Woman Journey!

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