Chrystal’s Chronicles Repost (5/21/13): Some things never change.  The kids are eight years older.  My girls (now ages 21 & 17) still want relaxed time with me. There is something special in just being together.  Eight years ago it was Trivial Pursuit. Tonight it’s a movie.  Nothing to check off the list…just time together.  It’s a beautiful thing. 

Tonight a special thing happened. I made up my mind to play a game of Trivial Pursuit with my teenager. I was determined to make Sunday a family night and spend some relaxed time with my oldest daughter. She was so excited and would not let me forget what I told her I would do.

I almost found myself avoiding playing the game because I wanted some time for myself and for my list of things to do that is always a mile long. I hung in there and kept my promise.

We invited Dad-E-O to join in. He did. The day had been an extremely stressful one for him and although I’m sure that he would have rather vegged out in his TV chair, he joined us.

What happened was something I couldn’t have paid money for. We all relaxed. We all laughed at each other, our silly answers, and our lack of common sense. We enjoyed each other’s company and most of all…


My husband thanked me after the game. Why? He said that “he need that”.

Who would have known that playing a game of Trivial Pursuit would have relieved some pressure?

It never ceases to amaze me how many opportunities I pass up to enjoy life b/c I think that there are so many things I “have” to accomplish in my life. Slowly, I’m getting that checking off a task list does not bring nearly as much joy as stopping to smell the roses. This message is slowly making it’s way from my head to my heart.