three things thursday
Today is gonna be fun!  You’ve got three options for hearing from me (or one of my friends today).  I hope you take a look all three because there’s something cool waiting for you at the end of each one of those posts!

Want to get to know a little more about me? Well, I’m a little quirky and I’m sharing a little of my weirdness with you!  Read this repost of a blog entry from a few years back where I share some of my “personal policies”.

My friend, Ruth Schwenk, was sweet enough to invite me to write a guest post on her awesome blog, The Better Mom. I’m sharing today about one of my “AHA!” moments as a mommy.

Hilariously funny, Melanie Shankle over at  The Big Mama Blog, is giving an update from her road trip.  It’s funny ya’ll.  Be prepared to laugh outloud.  Read all the way for that “something cool” waiting for you!

So there you have it! There are three posts for you this Thursday to read and review while you kill time over your morning coffee, take a break at work, or hide from your kids in the bathroom (one of my favorite getaway spots).

Have fun!