three things thursday


It’s Thursday! I’m happy to share a few links with you that I think will brighten up your day, give you a little encouragement, and give you something to chew on.  On a personal note, please pray for my family, we lost a beloved Uncle and brother last night (my mom’s brother).  Thank you.

Is there pain in your life right now? Something uncomfortable driving you to your knees in prayer? Remember that all pain is not a sign of something gone wrong.  These words are from my sissy’s blog and she has a succinct and still beautiful  and encouraging post waiting for you at the Going Beyond Blog.

There are secrets to living and “delivering your best life. Breathe in: Lord, I receive what you give.Breathe out: Lord, I give thanks for what you give. Check out Seven Ways to Labor and Deliver Your Best Life by Ann Voskamp who shares lessons she has learned for how to life life well. She is a beautiful wordsmith who regularly contributes her writings to The Better Mom.

For me I realized that joy comes as a result of a complete trust in the love of God. Holly Wagner is fun loving Pastor’s wife who blogs every so often about her journey and on this post, Hard Days Don’t Have to be Bad Days, she shares her thoughts on how to have joy.

For those those women who are along with me for the One Month Journey, a little later today, I’ll have a special “Three Things” just for you.