It’s Friday.

And it’s officially April, but I have yet to close out the the “mane” attraction that was a March feature on my blog.


So if you are just now tuning in to my blog for the #manechronicles, catch up by reading THIS POST.

In case you didn’t know, let me just tell that you video editing is extremely time consuming.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks talking about hair and I asked YOU to share your own hair chronicles with me.  

And you did.

After watching and editing your hair videos, reading comments here on the blog and via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Here are my takeaways…

You need to know what works for you.
Don’t let other people, their preferences, or their particular styles send you into a tizzy about what you do with YOUR hair. It make some time, some money, and/or some serious experimentation, but figure out what makes you feel good when you look in the mirror. Figure out what works for the life you have to live.

Give yourself permission to change.
People, styles, and preferences will change. So will you. So if a particular style has worked for you the past 10 years and it no longer is doing the trick. Ditch it and rock something else! Be brave! You have permission to change your length, color, style, because it’s YOUR hair! It’s OK to take a chance on something new!

Your hair does NOT define you.
For many of us the hair on our head, or the hair we want and don’t have, represents a deep spiritual issue of self-acceptance and value. Sweet sister… you are more than the hair on your head. Many women only realize that when – due to natural aging, lack of care, or lack of good health –  they lose the beautiful mane that once brought them a sense of esteem. Don’t wait until that possible point in the future where you may be forced to appreciate yourself apart from your hair.

Rock what you’ve got!

Simple hair isn’t bad. Sassy hair isn’t either.
We have to give each other a break.  We have to leave the woman alone who enjoys making a statement with her hair.  Caring about strands does not equal vanity.  Likewise, if some gals choose to wear our hair in the same style for years and we are satisfied with it being neat and simple, that doesn’t mean she’s letting herself go. And if you pay for it, by-all-means… you own it!

So grow your own or borrow someone else’s but however you do it… Do YOU! Let your personality, preferences, and lifestyle set you free to do your hair your way.

Just make sure that you are doing YOU.  Don’t let the options for glam and gorgeousness take the place of feeding your soul and knowing your value – the same value you would have if you were BALD.

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We are all a work in progress.
We are all trying to figure our hair out. Honestly, we are all trying to figure ourselves out from head to toe both inside and outside.  Learning our hair and exploring our hearts is a lifetime pursuit.

And that’s OK.

Hair is the tie that binds.
As I mentioned in my post on Black Girl Perms/White Girl Perms, whether you are red, or yellow, black or white, we all tend to admire attributes of hair that we don’t naturally have.  Nothing wrong with that intrinsically.  Admiring another person can be a good thing.  I just find it very interesting how much time, money and effort we spend trying to switch things up.

Case in point… a couple of weeks ago on Facebook, I asked black girls and white girls why they have opted to switch their straight hair to curly or curly hair to straight.  You can CLICK HERE to read the responses.  I enjoyed reading the answers and seeing how we think about the issue.

The heart of the matter?  We are all girls.  We all have hair.  There are lot of us that don’t have it all figured out. And we are all going to spend a lifetime making sure that our hair makes us happy.

I’ve so enjoyed this month of #marchmadness.  Thanks for indulging my period of silliness.  It was fun and I learned a lot.

So here is the video collage as promised.  I had fun doing it… until my I realized my phone was too full to render and save the video.  My little fun project turned out to be a little stressful.  But hey! It’s done!

Special thanks all the ladies who “video-selfied” and then were brave enough to hit “send”! – Katie, Ruth, Rachel, Nosa, Heather, Gwen, Michelle, Andrea, Toni, Heather, Niyonu, Priscilla, Tanya, Jennifer, Tamara, and Tangela (listed in order of appearance)


And just for fun – because this post is going up on a Friday – I thought I’d share this video with you. This song made me smile.

So long to the madness of March. I’m looking forward to an awesome April.