Songs for Lady Lois 

Do you need the gift of encouragement in an atmosphere of worship?

I was spending a Sunday morning with my mom when we were listening to some worship songs on Spotify that I knew would remind her of all the beautiful love of God, even while still in the midst of her battle.

It was such a sweet time for her… and for me.

As I  went through this journey with my mom and her declining health, I found that music is often a path of healing and hope for the soul when words aren’t enough.

So I wanted to build Mommy a playlist with songs that would encourage her soul.

I jumped on Facebook and asked friends to share worship songs  that remind them of God’s power, love, grace and mercy.

My mom will forever be with me, in me and living through me. She carried my heart in hers and I will alwasy carry her heart in mine. I’m thankful that she loved me well, saw me clearling and blssed me over and over with her presence. She wasn’t just my mother, she was my friend. That is and will always be one of the greatest priveleges of my life.

I was so grateful to have the opportunity to share this playlist with her as a gift of thoughtfulness for her from people all over the world .

And now I want to also share it with you. If you need the gift of encouragement in an atmosphere of worship or you know someone who does, check out the “Lady Lois’ Worship” playlist.

Consider it a gift from me to you.