Have you ever felt constantly attacked by someone in your life? Ever felt like you needed to walk away, but felt the guilt of selfishness? How do you know someone is toxic? Do you long for clear direction for what God would have you to do when dealing with toxic relationships?

Well, let’s dive in and talk about relationships, more specifically toxic and reliable relationships. Gary Thomas joins me for this important conversation. Gary is an author, speaker, husband, father, and doggy dad. His goal is to connect others in the journey of living life as sons and daughters of Christ. He has authored numerous books on relationships whether the topic was marriage or parenting, but more recently, he has been challenged to address toxic relationships and how the church should be responding to toxic people as a congregation and as Christians. He does so in his recent book, When to Walk Away


The best piece of advice Gary ever received was from a great friend who told him to simply not respond when being faced with attacks from a toxic person. This boggled him, only to challenge him to see what God’s response would be. 

Through the gospels, he found where Jesus walked away over and over without resolution. He cared for himself with boundaries which should encourage the rest of us that it’s okay to do the same.  Sometimes walking away does not indicate failure but obedience. 

Gary helps us to know the difference between a toxic person and a reliable one. He also encourages us to learn how to that God can minister to those in need and it may not be through us.

We have to know when to stay and when to leave and also how to seek God’s opinion on the matter. 

Our conversation will help you to gain a correct perspective on relationships, focus on reliable people, and how to obey God’s call to discipleship as we follow his will for our lives based on His Word.

Highlights from Today’s Episode:

  • Dealing with toxic relationships
  • Release false guilt
  • Defining toxic relationships
  • Setting healthy boundaries

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  1. What is the best use of your time for God?
  2. What mission is God calling your heart to, that a toxic person may be standing in your way? 
  3. Who seems to be taking pieces of you and standing in the way of your ministry?
  4. How will you respond to the toxic people in your life?

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