Thanks so much for joining in the fun everyone!  It was nice to see some people I know IRL on the blog and it was nice to “meet some new friends as well!

I had a few ladies comment that it was hard to think of things to celebrate about themselves and the lives they are living.  I think it’s interesting that we women are so quick to criticize ourselves but find it harder to speak well.  Sounds like that is something to practice!  Don’t ever forget that you are unique and that there will never be another like you.  If you don’t do a thing, you have value because you are here, because you exist, and because you are made in the image of God.

But you will do something… so as you live, don’t forget that you have a special purpose for being on this earth.  There is a reason for your presence here and know one can do you for you. So do YOU well!

OK…enough of the sentimental stuff. There are 9 winners.  Here we go!

            1. Gina
            2. Brandy Thomas
            3. Gabriella
            4. Darlene DeMoss
            5. Karla Gurley
            6. Mallory Tate
            7. Anita McKaney
            8. Shay Greenwood
            9. Amber Rogers

You ladies will be receiving an email from me shortly so I can get those books out to you soon!

Thanks again everyone for joining me (or rejoining me) on my blogging adventure.  I’ll be writing more soon!