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I’ve got a short video that I hope both challenges you and encourages you.

If you want more information on the study, you can check out my last post about the Kingdom Woman Group Experience.

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Cultivating Connection

People ask me all the time what has helped to make my family so close. As a member of a family that has been deeply involved in ministry and busy with ministry for a very long time, I know that ministry, while wonderful, can also pull at the very fibers that hold families together.

Ministry pulls.

Work pulls.

Extracurricular activities pull.

Regardless of the kind of family you come from or the family dynamics you currently have.  Life pulls.  And we all have to work very hard to stay connected to the ones we love.

As I reflect on what my parents did well that I seek to emulate in my own family.  I think a lot about media and how my parents managed to control not only the influence of media but the time in which we spent engaged with it.

Thirty minutes a week.  That’s all the T.V. we got on school nights…

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And in case you missed this… 

A couple of months ago, I posted the first set of “Reminders of God’s Love”. These are messages based on Scripture that got me through a tough season in my life.  There are more where those came from and I’m glad to share the next round of those with you as well.

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I pray they bless you.


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