KW Group Video Experience

Today, the Kingdom Woman Group Video Experience is available for purchase.

I’m shaking in my boots.

Why?  because people will see me.
(I’ve included a short video at the bottom of this post if you want to take peek.)

Last July, the Kingdom Woman book was released. I was shaking in my boots then too.

KW Book

Why?  because people would hear me.

The #KingdomWoman book is one co-authored with my dad, Tony Evans.  I poured my heart into my parts of the book and was weary of what people might think about me once they had a chance to read my thoughts.

…Would I connect with the reader?

…Would what I said be helpful?

…Would the work that Jesus has done in my heart so far in my life speak to the heart of another woman as she journeys through her own?

And now… with a video series being released, people will see me.

…They will see what I look like.

…They will know what I sound like.

…They will make assessments about whether or not I know what-in-the-world I’m talking about.

And just like that I will be labeled as something I’ve never been labeled before by people I’ve never encountered.

…I’ll be a teacher.

…I’ll be a speaker.

…I’ll be in ministry.

And truth be told… I’m just a girl (in my Julia Roberts voice from Notting Hill)

I’m a “used-to-be”, corporate, career-minded, bean-counter, on-the-path-to-big-bucks, single gal…

…turned homeschooling, bread-baking, garden-growing (or at least attempting),  cloth-diapering, mommy-blogging, family-minded dame…

Shrouded in my experience with Kingdom Woman over the last year, is the reality that my life has taken on a life of it’s own. A life that I couldn’t have dreamed of.  I life I wouldn’t have believed even if you would have tried to tell me.

Sure I’ve had dreams for myself, but what I’ve learned recently is that God always dreams bigger dreams for us than we dream for ourselves. And I’m grateful.

Feeling extremely unworthy, but grateful.

I have so many thoughts that I want to share with you about what this leg of my journey is teaching me.  But too be honest, I’m still trying to get my thoughts together.

For now, I’ll leave you with a clip from the Kingdom Woman study and a promise to share more thoughts this week.

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And in case you missed this… 

A couple of months ago, I posted the first set of “Reminders of God’s Love”. These are messages based on Scripture that got me through a tough season in my life.  There are more where those came from and I’m glad to share the next round of those with you as well.

Click on the link below to receive your free download of “Reminders of God’s Love” – Set 2.

I pray they bless you.


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