Do you ever look at other people’s lives and feel like you are falling behind? Maybe you don’t feel like you are as successful as you should be or you aren’t living in the house you want to live in. In this hurried world, you may wake up with an overwhelming feeling of wanting to be further along than you are right now. In this episode, I talk with Jennifer Dukes about ways to slow down and unhurry our hearts. 

First, you have to pay attention and decide if there is a problem. Notice if you are living too fast and every minute of the day you feel like you have to fill it. Fast living is an issue of the heart. You could have a blank calendar with nothing on it and still have a hurried soul. This hurry and busyness can actually cause trauma to your body so it’s super important you assess your pace of life. Jennifer and I not only talk about what you can do to change your pace, but also things you can say to yourself when you are feeling a hurry rising up.

In the Bible, we read over and over how Jesus went away to pray. He pushed back from the crowds of people to have quiet moments. He wasn’t in a hurry to do the things He was supposed to do even though He had an important job to do in a short amount of time. If you believe that Jesus lived a remarkable life, left an impactful legacy, and you want to do the same, make the effort to look at what you don’t have to do right now and how you can slow down and grow deep roots that will support real growth. 

How’s this life of hustle treating you? Tap the brakes. Give yourself grace to set a pace worth practicing over the long haul.

Highlights from Today’s Episode:

  • Giving yourself grace
  • Embracing  the boring parts
  • Tapping the brakes and paying attention

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Let’s Talk!

  1. How’s that life of hustle treating you?
  2. In which areas of your life do you need to intentionally slow down?
  3. How are you going to unhurry your heart?

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