I really want to live intentionally, but it’s such a STRUGGLE. Surely I’m not the only person who wants to live with purpose and focus, yet feels like some days I’m just “making it.” I want my life to count for what matters for eternity’ but my life is filled with a bunch of “right nows.” 

Today, I have to go to work.

Today, I have to cook dinner.

Today, I have to pay bills.

Today, I have to remember a birthday.

Today, I have to run errands.

Today, I have to spend time with the people I love.

Today, I need to S-L-E-E-P!

Sometimes I could use a little help from someone who has a wise perspective on life to help me know how to live with focus and intention while getting the important things done. Honestly, I need wise counsel from someone a little further along than I, to help me hear more clearly and recognize with more certainty how God is leading me. While I can hear from God myself, a little mentoring and spiritual wisdom and direction doesn’t hurt.

My friend, today I’m gifting my conversation with Denise Foxx to you. She might just be the perceptive, insightful mentor you’ve wished you had. Denise has lived enough of her own life to see what is seen and to perceive what is not. She knows the right questions to ask and what answers not to give so that you can discover them for yourself.

Do you need to more deeply understand the gift of saying no?  What about how to connect with your authentic self? Maybe it would help you to comprehend the beauty of the rhythm of worship, work, and rest so that you can balance the wonder of being productive while at the same time having room to breathe.

Denise teaches, through her own life, examples of how you can slow down and pay attention to your life in a culture that is constantly telling us to speed up.  She also offers rich wisdom in how to look for and find joy even as you seek to understand the wounds that are still in need of healing.

Let’s face it, my friend. We are all in constant need of soul care through life’s ups and downs. Denise Foxx, as a minister, trained life coach, and a certified spiritual director, not only leads us through the process of caring for ourselves but does so from a lifetime of learning to practice the strategies she teaches.

And what’s a spiritual director, you might ask? Well, we talk about that too.

If you need to learn how to slow down, get better acquainted with your wants and needs, and be intentional about living, this episode will help you learn to tend to your soul, enjoy your life, connect with God, and live at a sustainable pace that can get you exactly where you want to go and where God intends for you to be, too. 

Highlights from Today’s Episode:

  • Paying attention to you
  • Healing your rejection wound
  • Opting for a “Year of No”
  • Slowing down and being present
  • Discovering what brings you joy
  • Learning the rhythms of worship, work, and rest

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Let’s Talk!

After you’ve listened to the podcast, I’d love to continue the conversation. Be sure and leave a comment!

  1. Who do you go to when you need to get something “heavy” off your chest?
  2. How is a spiritual director different from going to a counselor?   Do you have an informal spiritual director in your life — someone who can help you see what God is doing in your life?
  3. Why do you think people rush through their lives? Is it because they don’t want to stop to deal with the pain of their experiences?  Are you rushing through your life?
  4. Are you choosing to be present? Why or why not? What can you do to be more present in your life today? How can you slow down or even stop to smell the roses?

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