Dead cells.

So much drama and hassle about matter that is ultimately dead.

We wet it, spray it, style it, dress it, or heat it up — all so that we can have a look that we are good with. And all of the “doing” to the hair takes time. Time daily to make it presentable. Time to wash and reset so that there is no product buildup. Time to sit in the chair of an expert who will do all of the aforementioned on our behalf.

So much time on something that is ultimately dead.

I’m in a season where I’m sick of thinking about my hair. I’m working on fixing that. Truth? This is a cyclical situation. About this time of year, I start thinking in extremes about all of the ways that I might make my life easier not having to deal with it. It might get braided up, cut off, locked up, or covered by a wig but the point is, I’m tired of spending so much time and energy figuring how to keep something in tip-top shape that is ultimately not living.

I’m talking about my hair but I’m not really talking about my hair.

So much drama and hassle about things that are ultimately dead.

We buy it, shine it, decorate it, achieve it, or create it — all so that we can have a look that we are good with. But all of the “doing” to this life takes time. Time on a daily basis to have a life that looks worthy. Time to recover from the overworking or overdoing to combat the build-up of stress and strain. Time to sit in the chair of an expert who will help us manage all of the knots and we find our minds and hearts tangled up in. And so much of those tangles involve things that won’t last.

Hair sheds. Eventually, no matter how hard we work to care for it, the strands that we work so diligently to protect and grow will reach their designated life span and fall away. I’m sick of doing my hair because I don’t want to think about it. I don’t want to spend the energy required in hot Texas summers. I want to free my mind of the daily care of doing it. Cuz a stress-less mind and a care-free soul is more important.

Did you hear me? Your soul is more important.

No matter how hard you work to work to care for your life, the strands of your existence will eventually reach their designated life span and fall away. But the temporary, seasonal strands of your life are attached to something much more important — you. They are attached to you. And your soul is more important. You will last a lot longer than many of the strands of your personal cares.

Don’t worry, I’ll figure my hair out for the summer. Or somebody else’s hair. Either way, I won’t come out in public with a bed-head situation. Well, at least I won’t do that often. While my strands are temporary, they are still a part of a crown I must steward. And the way I care for my hair communicates something. It makes an impression. Listen, the strands of my life are all temporary, but they are all attached to something more important — the part of me that will live forever.

Stewardship is a principal. Even though some things won’t last or forever belong to me, I want to take care of what God has given me. I want to maximize the physical strands of my life to make an indelible impression in the hearts and minds of others, and to leave a mark in time that matters for eternity.

I take care of my finances because I want to honor God through good stewardship. I want to make an impression through my ability to give and to leave a legacy.

I take care of my home because I believe in connection. I want to make an impression through time well spent with people I love and an environment that welcomes others to be seen and heard.

I take care of my car because I believe in service. I value my ability to get where I need to go whether that’s carpooling my kids to places that spark passion and purpose or taking a meal and spending a moment with someone who can’t come to me.

I take care of my career because I believe in productivity. I want to steward my gifts and abilities well and maximize God’s return on investment in my life. I want to get better, more excellent, and more knowledgeable so that God will be pleased with how I handled the assets he allowed me to steward.

I take care of my body. I don’t want it to prematurely wear it out. I want it to reach my designated physical life span. I want to make the impression on this planet I was designed to make in any way God intended for me to do so.

And I guess I’ll take care of my hair.

So much drama and hassle about matters that are ultimately dead. It will all eventually fall away and I don’t want to waste time to look worthy when I already am worthy. I don’t want to get tangled up in what won’t last.

There are some things about my physical life that are attached to me for a season. A few are cyclical, others are short-lived, and some last a long time. But however long they are with me, I choose to keep it all in right perspective even while I steward it well. Because it all makes an impression — both in time and in eternity.

I’ll figure out my summer hair soon. Braids, twists, wash-and-gos. It’s definitely too hot to try to keep it straight. Every summer, hair decisions are a situation. But that’s only because I want to steward well what I’ve been given to manage for a little while.


And how I steward my life says a lot about the worth I receive and it shows what I believe about impressions that matter.

That said and deep spiritual thoughts aside, bring on your summer hair suggestions.  I’m here for them all. Save me from the shears.  Lawd-have-mercy. I’m on the edge.