Sometimes it’s not that you are lost, it’s just that you are finding a different angle in your life. Have you ever had a desire that God has placed within you? One that you haven’t acted on because you are afraid of what the outcome might actually be? Are you afraid of the adjustments you will have to make and wondering whether the girl within you will step out of her comfort zone and be brave enough to embrace change?


Clarise Cannings joins me this week to talk about her journey as a single foster parent. She decided to go after a desire God placed within her at a young age to ensure that no one ever feels unwanted. Clarise shares lessons she has learned along the way and discusses how fostering has allowed her to extend a loving hand to kids who need care for a little while. Clarise believes that if you are capable and willing to do something to help others, why not do it yourself instead of waiting for someone else to step up?  

Clarise speaks candidly about the decisions she has made to live the “foster-mom” life and the adjustments she has made to shift from being a single woman with her own schedule to being a foster parent and an advocating voice for someone else.

Listen, sometimes we tend to wait for all of our ducks to be in a row before we take the next step, while waiting for our dreams to fit in our life plan or fill a void we think will never be filled.  As you listen to Clarise’s story, I hope you discover the capacity within you to go after the dreams and desires God has placed in your heart and take steps to act on the aspirations or intentions that are deeply embedded in your soul. You might just discover that there is more to your story than you know.  

Highlights from Today’s Episode:

  • The journey to fostering
  • Discovering your changing role
  • Finding your voice in circumstances
  • Lessons learned through a new season  

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