Have you ever heard the saying, “When you know better, do better”? Even if you haven’t, you’ve no doubt heard something similar—particularly when it comes to food and dieting. Diet and nutrition (exercise too!) have been a major trend since the second half of the 1900s, but in the last decade or so, the focus on fitness in the United States has become greater than ever.  At this point, we all know very well that the food we choose to eat can heal us or hurt us.

And yet, even with the extensive knowledge most of us have of the impact of our diet choices on our health and wellbeing, we can become so addicted to food that knowing better doesn’t translate to doing better.

On this episode, I’m talking about being good to your body and all things nutrition. My special guest is my cousin Clarise Cannings. Clarise has been a vegetarian for over sixteen years has a certification in nutrition. The conversation Clarise and I have on this podcast is not at all new for us;  like most women, we’ve been talking food forever. I’m not a vegetarian, but I did have a stint as a cold-turkey-vegan once for about six weeks, so I offer my limited expertise in this conversation as well—mostly concerning my perspective on healthy eating and its challenges. From how to live as a vegetarian or vegan to how to run a marathon (which Clarise has done multiple times!) my discussions with Clarise have always been marked by her willingness to show compassion to the health journey of others, even while she has a great deal of clarity about her own.

Listen ya’ll, we all have our struggles, and it’s no secret that maintaining a healthy weight is one of mine. Because I understand the struggle so well,  it occurred to me recently that the helpful and encouraging conversations I have with those in my “real-life” circles could also be helpful for you. Clarise and I will be sharing the sort of conversation we often have about knowing your body, developing a balanced diet, making good food choices, and eating healthy when you have little time or limited budget. And that’s just a sample of the things we talk about; you can look forward to much more!  

It’s so important that we learn to listen to our bodies, to honor them (1 Cor. 6:19), and to show gratitude for them by taking care of them. The quality of our lives is ultimately determined  by how well we live out moments that matter, but in order to make moments that matter, we have to be here in our bodies to live them! Being present and feeling good has a lot to do with what we put into our bodies. Want  to learn more or need a reminder about how to be good to the physical part of you? This podcast will help.

Highlights from Today’s Episode:

  • How to listen to your body
  • Developing a balanced diet
  • How to make good food choices
  • Eating healthy on a budget

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  1. What is the biggest challenge you face in eating healthy? Have you considered that there might be an emotional or spiritual component that needs to be addressed?
  2. What do you have a habit of eating that you know is not healthy? How can you replace that food with something else or reduce your intake of it?
  3. What helpful tips do you have for eating healthy? Share them in the comments below!
  4. What change are you committing to make over the next seven days? I recommend journaling how you feel along the way!

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