How do you deal with anger from your child, especially when it’s aimed at you? Do you know how to diffuse the situation and get to the root of the problem while also keeping your cool? When our kids are having a rough day, it can be hard not to take their anger or moodiness personally. In response to our children expressing anger or misbehaving, we often lose our temper and unnecessarily escalate the situation. And that response is only natural: After all, when anger is projected towards us, our bodies go into “fight or flight” mode and adrenaline rushes through us. But like in so many other areas of life, responding naturally isn’t best. There are healthy, Christlike ways we should respond to angry children (and adults!) which express not merely anger and disappointment but also love. A hallmark of a loving, Christlike interaction with your child is that it won’t leave you or your child feeling like a victim.

My friend Tricia Goyer has authored over seventy books and is a homeschooling mom of ten children (!), seven of whom are adopted. As those numbers would suggest, Tricia has much experience and insight to share on raising children. On this week’s podcast, she reminds us why it is essential to identify and address the heart of an issue when anger arises, and she also shares some specific techniques she has found to be helpful in teaching her kids how to be calm and respectful while expressing their feelings.

Tricia admits that she has not arrived or figured it all out (and I totally get that as a mother of five myself), but I admire her for sharing what she is learning as she is living through it. If you have children, work with children, or interact with children on any level, I strongly encourage you to listen in on our chat. The principles and practical tools that Tricia offers will change your relationships with the children in your life for the better.

Highlights from Today’s Episode:

  • Tips for calming an angry child
  • De-escalating arguments
  • Honoring your child’s feelings
  • Teaching your children to be respectful
  • Prioritizing self-care while raising children

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  1. In the past, what tools have you used to combat anger directed at you, whether from children or adults? Are those tools healthy?
  2. In what ways do you demonstrate to those in your home or circle of friends that you “see” them?
  3. In what ways can you be proactive and deal with anger before it shows up in your children?

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