[Updated 1/2/19.  Cleaned up some missing links and added a few more Bible reading plans for you to check out]

This year I have a goal of reading through the Bible.

I’ve been a church girl all of my life. Raised in a Christian family, went to a Christian school, and attended Christian camps.

Shoot. I’m even taking some seminary classes this year.

But I’ve never done it.

Sometime towards the end of 2014, I figured I just ought ‘ta buckle down and get’er done.

Being the perfectionist that I am, I made it my business to explore a variety of reading plans and also a variety of Bibles designed for year-long reading. I finally (after weeks of going in circles and driving myself crazy)  decided on the One Year Chronological Bible (NLT).

One Year Bible_wmk

I figured that since I’d already spent most of my life reading the Bible OUT of chronological order, that I’d give it a go to read it IN Chronological order.

Another reason I decided to read through the Bible was because I need the help with the discipline.

Yes. I struggle with discipline.

I convinced myself that if I had a plan with dates on it, my OCD, ADD, “SAD-self” wouldn’t be able to let myself fall too far behind.

I’ve had a few moments of slippage but overall I’ve been doing OK.

I’m sticking with it.

It’s a good feeling.

I’ve posted a few times on Instagram about my Bible reading adventures and I always get lots of people wanting to know what I’m reading, why I decided on my particular version or method, and what other ways there are to get through the Bible.

Well, how would I know?  This is only my first time to do it.

So I jumped on my Facebook page and asked what other Bible reading plans my online pals have used.

And they told me! (THANKS ya’ll)

So I’ve taken those responses, done a little investigating, and come up with list of 20 ways you can read through the Bible.

If you are wired like me, you can look into all 20 (and maybe even explore a rabbit trail or two) but then pick one.

That’s it.

You just PICK.


Because no matter what, you will be reading the Bible, my friend.

That’s gotta count for something… regardless of the plan, version, or method.

According to BibleStudyTools.org, “statistics show that most people professing faith in Jesus have never completely read their Bible. Many people start reading the Bible but then become overwhelmed by the number of chapters (1,189) and verses (31,102) there are. However, most people don’t realize is that we can read the Bible in a year by reading fewer than four chapters a day. By dividing the Bible into 365 daily readings, your goal of reading the Bible in a year can easily be accomplished.”

So if you are like me and have never read through the Bible before or you have but want to try a fresh approach, take a look at the list below and find something you are willing to try!

Oh!  And if you are well-versed (hee hee… get it?) in Bible reading strategies and I missed a plan, book, or method that exists out there somewhere… let me know!  I’ll add it!


20 Ways


Blessings to you on your Bible-reading journey!


  1. Bible Gateway Reading Plans – Variety of Bible reading plans from 90 day to a full year, audio versions, chronological etc. This one has it all.
  2. She Reads Truth – A free year long reading plan on their website. You can even buy an app for your mobile device.
  3. Bible App -This app for your phone has a variety of plans and translations. Perfect to have when you are on the go.
  4. Chronological reading plan– Sometimes it’s easier to read through the Bible in the order it happened. This plan will chronologically take you through the Bible in one year.
  5. One Year Bible online – One Year Bible Online provides you with the ability to select your own start date.
  6. Navigators- Daily Walk– The book-at-a-time Bible reading plan takes you through the entire Bible in one year. It provides two readings for each day.
  7. Blue Letter Bible Reading Plan – Not only does BlueLetterBible.org have a great daily reading plan, it’s an AWESOME resource for studying the scriptures you read.  I personally use BLB for deeper word studies, Biblical references, commentaries, and other theological resources.
  8. TheNavigators Reading Plans – This ministry shares the gospel of Jesus and helps people grow in their relationship with Him through discipleship. They offer three downloadable plans to make your journey through the Scriptures do-able in a year and meaningful for your spiritual growth. Choose the plan that offers what you hope to get out of your daily Bible reading.
  9. Joanna Weaver Bible Guide– With this plan, you enter the book of the Bible you want to start with and the date you want to start and you get a personalized reading guide.
  10. The Daily Reading Bible Plan– With this plan you go through the NT twice, the Psalms twice, and the rest of the OT once.
  11. YouVersion app–  A free Bible on your phone, tablet, and computer.
  12. Daily Audio Bible app– Maybe it’s easier for you to listen rather than read. This one is for you!
  13. Back to the Bible Chronological Study– A variety of plans for you to choose.
  14. One Year Bible Online – The One Year® Bible Reading Plan consists of passages from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs. This arrangement of Scripture brings variety and a fresh approach to each day’s reading while providing a clear understanding of the Bible’s larger message. They also have translations in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, and Chinese!
  15. The Bible in a Year by Charles Stanley–  The plan schedules daily portions of Scripture for you in a unique, interesting, and compelling way.
  16. Bible Study Tools – Bible Study Tools makes it easy to read the Bible on a daily basis and also helps you by charting your reading progress online during the year. This means that you don’t have to wait until the New Year — you can start reading the Bible today! They have over 20 Bible reading plans so you can choose one that works right for you!.
  17. The One Year Bible by Tyndale – The best-selling One Year Bible, which helps you read the entire Bible in as little as 15 minutes a day.
  18. Own It 365-This yearlong plan takes you through the key stories of the Bible and their cross-references.
  19. Discipleship Journal Reading plan on You Version– By reading from four separate places in the Scriptures every day, you will get a better grasp of the unity of the Scriptures. And you can begin at any point of the year.
  20. JUST START READING! Did you know that 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week will get you the New Testament in one year?

Now, this list was originally only 20 ideas long but in my 2018 refresh of this post, I stumbled upon a few more and will add them here.  You know… just so you have no excuse for not reading your Bible! 🙂

  • Christianity.com – Bible reading plans in over 50 translations
  • The Gospel Coalition – Apparently, I’m not the only person who goes in search of Bible reading plans! In this blog post by Melissa Krueger, she details the results of her own search. She went on a hunt for a reading plan that was 5 dayweek withwith hopes of finding one that was psuedo-chronological (check out her blog post for what she meant by that). After searching a variety of websites, she came across a favorite.
  • Ligonier Ministries – Ligonier Ministries was founded by the great theologian R.C. Sproul and exists to proclaim, teach, and defend the holiness of God in all its fullness to as many people as possible. Check out the compiled a list of Bible reading plans for you to choose from here!
  • Bible Study Tools – Bible Study Tools makes it easy to read the Bible on a daily basis and also helps you by charting your reading progress online during the year. This means that you don’t have to wait until the New Year — you can start reading the Bible today! They have over 20 Bible reading plans so you can choose one that works right for you!
  • Bible Plan – These plans help you read through the entire Bible in a year in just 20 mins a day. Sign up to receive free daily email reminders containing links to that day’s reading. Each Bible reading plan is available in many languages and translations.
  • Change Your Life Daily– Online journals to use as you read through the Bible.

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