How do you remain passionate and purposeful in life when you have to cope with the death of a dream? How do you keep living with joy when…

  • The relationship you thought would lead to marriage suddenly ends?
  • The adoption you’ve been working towards for months or years doesn’t go through?
  • The book you thought would get picked up by a publisher is turned down?
  • The child you prayed would come back home never does?
  • The health challenges you are facing aren’t getting any better, or worse yet, are intensifying?


Life rarely goes the way we expect it to. If we are not careful, we will fall into the trap of looking to people or even things to fix the brokenness in our lives. On this episode of the podcast, Tiffany Bluhm and I discuss how to cope with lost dreams. Left on a doorstep at two days old without a mother to nurse her or a father to rock her to sleep, Tiffany was confronted with the pain of abandonment long before she had the ability to fight against it. Growing up, she was labeled as an abandoned child, and she learned to see herself that way.  

Life didn’t meet Tiffany’s expectations, and in many respects, there was nothing she could do about it. But in the middle of all those unmet expectations and broken dreamsin her darkest, most painful momentsTiffany found growth and goodness. She also discovered that some dreams she thought were lost forever could be found again, even if it wasn’t in the way she expected. As Tiffany shares in our conversation, dreams often have to sit on the shelf for a season. But they aren’t meant to rot there.

What dream have you left on the shelf for too long? It’s not too late to pick it up, dust it off, and put it in view again. I hope our conversation encourages you to do just that.

Highlights from Today’s Episode:

  • Picking your dreams back up
  • Working  through disappointment
  • Giving yourself grace
  • Cutting down your to-do list

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  2. As you were listening to this episode, what “death of a dream” came to mind?
  3. What can you take off your to-do list this week so that you can better focus on your passions?

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