This month I thinking about “making-the-grade” as I podcast.  How I can do a better job of measuring up to standards of excellence in my life and how I can encourage others to do the same. 

Where best to look through the lense of this theme than my role as a parent and my desire to see my children succeed in whatever life God has called them to have and the dreams that He has placed within them to reach.

But how does one do that exactly?

How does one help their child to succeed?

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I’m a mom in between two seasons.  I have five children, two of which of already flown the coup and three of which are still very much still in tow.

And I love it all.

That means that I have a sense of confidence having mothered two children and a sense of anxiety with the three that are left.

Most parents I know worry that they are getting it right and I’m no different.

But I do have a few thoughts about how to help your kids succeed.  I must be channeling the mom with confidence today.

I even resurrected this old post about our journey into homeschooling and why we ended up doing it all the way through high school for our oldest.

In the end, strongly believe that my goal as a parent is to work myself our of a job.

your goal as a parent

So far I have enjoyed my parenting journey.

I loved nursing babies, running after toddlers, and late-night movies with teenagers.

But one day they will leave.

And I want them to be prepared to succeed in the life that only they can live.

I’m sure you want the same thing for your children.

I hope today’s podcast encourages you in that endeavor.


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Highlights from Today’s Episode:

“How to Help Your Child Succeed” 

  • Know your child
  • Let them grown in independence
  • Give them responsibility
  • Let them fail
  • Like ’em
  • Have fun


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