morningmeetings3_2cups_wmkI like to shake things up. 

I like to show up in your life

… in unexpected places

… at unexpected times

… for unexpected reasons.

I like to surprise you.

My thoughts for your life are better than your thoughts for your life.

And sometimes to re-direct your life, I’ll show up in unexpected ways.

When I show up to surprise you it may

… catch you off guard

… throw you off balance

… leave you scratching your head.

But the discomfort or the perplexity of the moment won’t last.


Just decide, in advance, to follow Me…. no matter what.

Because when I shake things up, I have good reason.

When I shake things up, I plan to take you on a turn for your good and My glory.

When I shake things up, you will stand in awe at how I can make things work out so well.

When I decide to surprise you, I need you to

… stop and look

… be attentive

… be ready to hear and then act on what I say or what I show you

And try not to be afraid of the surprise or the “shake up”

Know that I see you.  I feel your heart. I hear your cries.

And sometimes… I respond by saying “Surprise!”

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,” declares the Lord.  Isaiah 55:8