I’ve been posted some of the notes I’m making as I spend time in the Lord’s presence in the morning.  This year like many years before meets me desiring to spend more time in the Word and hearing Him speak to me.  As I write down His messages to me, I’ve taken to sharing portions of them on Facebook.  It occurred to me that many of you may not be joining me there so I decided to share this one here on the blog.  

Let me encourage you to spend time with Jesus.  He does speak if we are willing to take time to listen.

Notes from my morning meeting with Jesus – January 12th

I saw when you threw your poinsettias in the trash.

They were so pretty when you brought them home. You were faithful to water them when you were excited about the holiday season.

But with the waning of the season, I saw you become less faithful in caring for that plant.

But do you realize that with consistent love and TLC, those red leaves had a lot more life in them?

But you got tired and threw them out. And you will probably go buy a new plant when the holiday season rolls around next year.

So here’s the rub love.

It’s still the season for new resolutions and the celebration of fresh starts. You are excited about spending time with Me. Your spiritual life is beautiful.

But happens when

…the excitement ends

…you lose steam

…the season of new beginnings moves to a season of maintenance.

Will you still cultivate your relationship with Me then?

Will you still water our relationship with time, attention, and diligence?

Do you realize that with consistent love and TLC, your life with Me can continue to grow and blossom for many days, months, and years to come? The leaves of your spiritual life don’t have to wither and die. You don’t have to give up only to start again next year.

I am committed to a flourishing relationship.

The question is… are you committed to staying connected?

Abide in Me. I will abide in you.

That’s a promise. John 15

And in case you missed this… 

A couple of months ago, I posted the first set of “Reminders of God’s Love”. These are messages based on Scripture that got me through a tough season in my life.  There are more where those came from and I’m glad to share the next round of those with you as well.

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I pray they bless you.


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