At some point and time, we have all been challenged by the reality of where we are compared with where we desire to be. And then there are all the things — the various shifts in life, changing seasons, insecurities, fears – the list goes on and on. Before we know it we’re stuck. Then we might just make peace with the idea that attempting to move forward just isn’t worth it. Some of us try to convince ourselves that we are satisfied with the status quo… until we’re not.

What do you do when you’ve made the decision to move towards your destination but your motivation isn’t enough. The plan you’ve created, the friends you’ve drafted, the time you’ve carved out just isn’t getting the job done. Can I help you out with the answer?

You might consider getting a coach.

Why consider a coach?

A coach helps you to get further faster. Think of a relay race at a track event. A coach is an individual who has done the work of covering some of the distance so that when you rise to the occasion you have less ground to cover. The goal that once seemed a million miles away is not only attainable, it begins to come within reach. 

A coach sees your potential. The word “objective” is defined this way — not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts (definition provided by Oxford Languages, in partnership with Google of course). Now read that again and replace the word objective with the word coach. A coach is able to keep you, the goal, and what is true in the forefront… ultimately, taking into consideration the only things that matter when developing a strategy for your journey. 

A coach will hold you accountable. If you are considering a coach then you are more than likely familiar with the term accountability. Maybe you have asked a friend to hold you accountable for going to the gym every day. They call you every morning to see if you are up and at ‘em. However, what if you realize that you are not getting the results you are expecting even though you are doing the work to form the habit? Your intentions may be good and your efforts might be admirable, but you could still just realize you don’t have all of the information you need. Not only can a coach get you into the swing of things and encourage you along the way, but a coach will also be skilled in the area you are seeking guidance and will be able to give you the necessary tools needed for success.

A coach gives you feedback. What needs to be reworked? How can you expand your thinking? Does your perspective need to be reframed? A coach assesses your progress, asking the necessary questions to help you in determining what needs to happen for you to see real change.

A coach facilitates your breakthrough. Once you have made the decision, done the work, and overcome the challenges, a coach is there with you in the silence. A coach is there the moment right before you reach your destination, helping you to sort out the last piece of the puzzle. You’ll look back and realize that value has been added to your journey, you’ve hit your milestones and you are that much closer to the finish line.

Occasionally, I offer Coaching Cohorts. At this time, they are closed. But, you can sign up for my interest list by going and I’ll let you know when the doors open again! 


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