Do you feel like you’re constantly going and never finishing your jam-packed to-do list? Are you pushing to be the most successful business-woman, the most involved parent, or the most hospitable host, and resting for an hour — let alone a full day — is an unrealistic goal that lives in a far-away land you’ll never reach? Maybe you’re chasing a God-given dream or meeting needs in your church or community that no one else is filling, but you’re exhausted, burnt out, and wondering where you went wrong.

These are symptoms of hustling, and it’s a habit you may not even realize you have. It’s so easy to believe the lies that everything rests on your shoulders, that you must do the thing now, or that you won’t see results if you don’t continue to give it your all… all of the time. After all, you’re not hustling; you’re just working hard, right? Is there a difference, and what does God say about it?


In my conversation with Malinda Fuller, she opens up about her innate struggle with hustling. Hustling doesn’t just apply to work. You may see symptoms of hustle in your parenting, your homemaking, and even your church. Hustling is a heart issue. When you attach your identity to what you can do or accomplish, you trade a higher calling for a hustle. Malinda speaks about how rest is not only God’s command but also God’s gift to us. Jesus was not a man who hurried to do anything, and, given our busy-loving culture, his example of slower living applies to us.

So what can you do to replace hustling with obedience? Malinda recommends putting up bumpers and boundaries that will cue you when you need to slow down. Ask yourself what fruit all your activities are producing. Ask your sister circle and those who you love to hold you accountable for prioritizing rest. Choose to do something you love –reading, cooking, gardening, or enjoying quality time with family.

And do what you love often, just for pleasure’s sake.

It’s easy to get caught up in good things and miss the things God has asked us to do. God created Sabbath for us, and you can live from it rather than crawling towards it. You can create rhythms of rest and celebration that are life-giving for you and your family. God wants you to lay down your hustle, rest in Him, and have faith that He’ll lead you to identify and accomplish the things He’s placed on your plate.

Highlights from Today’s Episode:

  • Learning symptoms of hustling
  • Differentiating hustling from working hard
  • Knowing God’s voice versus your own

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Let’s Talk!

  1. In what areas of your life do you tend to hustle?
  2. What boundaries or cues can you look for to remind yourself to slow down?
  3. Who can hold you accountable?

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