Does your life feel like a giant plate of spaghetti, where your work, home, kids, and hobbies have all been mixed into one plate together? Are you trying to savor both the responsibilities and joys of life but feel overwhelmed by what’s expected of you? Are you putting pressure on yourself to carry the same load now that you did a few years ago, even though your season has changed?

During my conversation with Megan Hyatt Miller, we talk about balance and succeeding at both work and life. Megan knows the pressure you’re facing–she’s a wife, mother, CEO, writer, speaker, podcaster…the list goes on! A few years ago, Megan and her husband knew that she needed to spend more time at home with their children, so she came up with a plan to work 6-hour days. What started as a personal, temporary shift ten years ago, ended up becoming a preferred routine that she still follows now. This shift even became a company-wide pivot during the 2020 pandemic. It all started with creating a boundary.

Megan shares how, when you put constraints in place, you make better decisions. Your creativity, innovation, and sense of freedom can be multiplied. The secret to balance is knowing what’s most important. Megan also emphasizes the importance of knowing your season and changing your mindset when needed.

The nuggets from my conversation with Megan will help you to more easily ask the right questions, give yourself permission to be creative, and identify what your non-negotiables are. 

Want to maximize your life? Think first about how you can maximize your right now! What will matter most to you at the end of today and at the end of your current season? Start there. Once you’ve identified those big rocks, delegate and negotiate. Ask yourself what can be eliminated from your day or how you can save time on the things you can’t take off your plate. Talk to your family about what you need and how you can ask for help. Examine what demands are external and internal, and start a conversation around how to best fit those demands into a life you will love. Then, stay focused on where you’re going and create routines that help you thrive.

It sounds simple, but the truth is we all need encouragement to do this well. This is exactly what this podcast with Megan will do for you. 

There is time for you to do the things that matter most to you. And don’t miss this — it’s what matters most to you. Don’t compare your life or what works best for your family to the woman living next to you. Determine your values, embrace them with integrity, and let your actions and boundaries be a reflection of what is important to you.

Highlights from Today’s Episode:

  • Set boundaries around home and work
  • Cultivate a life-giving work culture
  • Find freedom within healthy constraints

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Let’s Talk!

  1. What’s your motivation for over-working?
  2. What are three values that matter most to you?
  3. What boundaries do you need to set to live by those three values?

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