Do you ever wonder how you got to that place you feel stuck in? We’ve all felt trapped at some point in our lives, and are left wondering why? While many of us are tempted to pull away from our relationship with Christ in these moments, this is actually an opportunity for us to lean in, hit our knees, and ask God for answers to the tough questions.

Today, I’m talking with my new friend, Rebecca, as she has done and continues to do the hard work of telling her story and leaning into places where she has felt shame to share. Rebecca shares her powerful story of healing, redemption, and restoration. As a survivor of human trafficking, Rebecca talks about the misrepresentation of trafficking and reveals how God is still in the business of delivering people and radically changing lives.

Rebecca not only shares her story for people who are experiencing their own trafficking reality, but she is also calling for parents to take action. We often think we know what we know, until we know that we don’t. This is a great story to teach you what you don’t know, and open up your eyes to how you can operate in this world by showing love, being understanding of other people, and sharing the love of God.

Rebecca‘s testimony is one with great truths for those healing from abuse, abandonment, fear, and other traumas. If you find yourself feeling stuck in an unhealthy situation, you’re trying to get your life together, or you’ve been impacted negatively by other people, you will enjoy hearing Rebecca’s story, and will be moved to action. You will be encouraged to admit where you’ve been and what you’ve been through in order to come out from under the layers of shame so that it does not become the director of your story. God meets us in our hardest places and shows us the reasons behind all of the things he wants to use for our destiny and His glory.

Highlights from Today’s Episode:

  • Finding yourself in situations you can’t leave.
  • Addiction and sin are nothing new to God. 
  • Overcoming hurdles and healing from trauma. 
  • Becoming fully empowered to create something new with Christ.
  • Radical deliverance and restoration.

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Let’s Talk!

  1. What areas of your life make you feel trapped?
  2. What have you inherited? Take some time to consider your spiritual bloodline.
  3. What needs to happen in order for you to move forward in your own healing?
  4. What are the three things in your character that you want to work on?

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