It’s important to me that you are able to walk through life as a whole and healed woman.  The good news is that there are other people who have your interest at heart as well. 

There are many in this world who have hurts from their fathers. The phrase “father wounds” has become a common way to express this type of hurt but unfortunately, while many people have this wound, it’s not a wound that you hear frequently discussed.

Well, I’m discussing this hurt today with my guest, Kia Stephens.

Kia is a speaker, writer, podcaster who started a community called Entrusted Women because she saw there was a need for community for women of color due to the lack of visibility in the realm of speaking, writing, podcasting. 


Kia also started writing about her father wounds in high school. This is when she recognized a void in her life that stemmed from not having her father present. While she initially planned to release a book to share her story about how she healed from her father wounds, after dropping an external hard drive that contained all of those words and losing them, she was encouraged to start a blog to share her story again. The birth of The Father Swap blog, while launched out of loss, has given rise to a wonderful healing opportunity for Kia to share her those words with those who need healing too.

Kia shares that not all father wounds occur in the same manner. Those wounds could stem from divorce, abandonment, abuse, incarceration, drug addiction, having a physically present father but was emotionally abusive, or premature death. Because she has experienced father wounds of her own, Kia is able to share how she was able to heal from the hurt. 


Whether you need help healing from your own father wounds, want to encourage someone else in healing from their own, or simply need help with understanding the work and the wonder of forgiveness, this conversation will be a light to your path and lead you in the way of knowing how to experience true freedom.


Highlights from Today’s Episode:

  • Connecting honesty and healing.
  • Understanding your feelings.
  • Choosing hope.

Resources from today’s show 

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  • “God can father you when you miss things from your biological father.” – Kia Stephens 
  • “Don’t look to people because people are not our source and people can still disappoint us but look to God who is our source. He will love you, He will father you through the hands and feet of other people.” – Kia Stephens 
  • “Sometimes we are so used to allowing the way we’ve always been to be that we don’t evaluate our behaviors to be able to see that they aren’t normal.” – Kia Stephens 

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Let’s Talk!

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  1. Kia talked about indicators that show us whether or not you may have father issues such as being defensive, cynical, bitter, overly emotional, and how you handle father’s day. Take a moment to reflect and ask yourself have I experienced any of these emotions that may indicate a father wound in my life?
  2. Have you allowed God to be Father in your life? 
  3. What steps can you take to work towards healing your father wounds?

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