As women, we try to make it all happen and give everything on our plate enough time and attention. Sometimes it feels like other women have it all together, and if we only knew how they did it or had some secret, magic ingredient, we could get the same results.

But what if I told you that the key to making it all happen is to create rhythms and habits that work for your unique life? There isn’t a formula that will give every person the same results, but I believe there are tips we can apply in our own way to help us achieve success.

Katy McCown joins me to talk about embracing one’s own abilities and what really goes on behind closed doors as a mom of six, a wife, and a creator of a community for other women. You will get great insight from the steps we can all take whenever we start feeling overwhelmed and don’t have the slightest idea of where to begin. And I’m so glad that Katy was willing to get super practical with me! I mean, do you know what hotspots are? Katy and I discussed not only what they are but how addressing them can initiate gratifying success in getting everything else done.

Through our conversation, we both came to one realization: we often forget to check in with ourselves when we try to accomplish it all. Many of us think that if we keep going without pausing, we will be able to find our strength along the way. We are so consumed with getting the job done, we forget the importance of caring for ourselves. While we can’t run from our responsibilities, setting aside time to check in with ourselves is beneficial to our long-term ability to give our best. 

Katy shares the difference she witnessed in her life when she made room to do an inventory of her spiritual and mental life. It has been so beneficial for her to carve out time to be with Jesus — mainly because when she meets with Him first, it changes the rest of her day. It shouldn’t surprise us that we need time with God if even Jesus, in His prime, often withdrew Himself to be alone and pray (Luke 5:15-16).

I hope you feel encouraged when you listen to this podcast and decide to start with just one decision that will help you practice a new way of living. I also hope you are reminded of how important it is to find what works for you and acknowledge how rhythms and new habits can allow you to make room for other things in your life.

Highlights from Today’s Episode:

  • Knowing yourself
  • Discovering your rhythm
  • Community connection
  • Shifting your focus with gratefulness  

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  1. How intentional are you with the time you assign each task? Could mapping out your time make you more efficient? Yes or no? Explain.
  2. Have you discovered your own rhythms? If yes, what are the benefits you’ve seen? If you haven’t, how could applying unique rhythms and habits change your day?
  3. How do you make time to check in with yourself?
  4. How has gratefulness changed your focus about a current situation?

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