For the past couple of episodes, we’ve been talking about working on you. After all, it is very important for you to spend time making room for what you love and  being intentional about reaching your goals. However,  I want to shift focus and talk to you about how much time and effort you invest in relationship goals.

My friend Kim Mcquitty married at a young age and freely admits that she wasn’t ready for the complexities of being a wife to her late husband, Marvin McQuitty Jr. However, despite her misgivings, Kim desired to live out God’s will for her marriage, so she regularly and intentionally sought to understand what God had in mind for her relationship with her husband given their different personalities and passions.

Because Kim did the work of learning and living out marriage God’s way she is still passionate about marriage years after her husband passed away. Kim ministers to women who are currently married and mentors women who hope to married be one day.

Whether you are currently married or desire to be married one day, have you ever asked yourself, “Am I wife-ready?” In other words, do you understand what God has in mind for marriage–what it means to do it His way? I mean, let’s face it, relationships are complex in general, but marriage takes human connection and commitment to a whole ‘nuther level. Kim and I get into the nitty gritty as we candidly discuss what it means to be a wife and have the sort of marriage God desires you to have.

While none of us can be 100% ready for marriage, there are things you can do to be better prepared, and Kim shares some of those things with us. Listen… this episode isn’t just for single women, it’s for married women too. Whether you are trying to get wife-ready or you are currently a wife and want to strengthen your relationship with your husband, the practical tips that Kim shares on this episode will both challenge and encourage you.  

Highlight from Today’s Episode:

  • What it means to be “wife-ready”
  • The complex dynamics of marriage
  • Living single after marriage

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  1. What did you do to prepare for marriage? If you’re single, what did you do to prepare for marriage?
  2. Kim shared that we don’t determine our purpose, we discover it. If you don’t know your purpose, what work are you doing to discover it? If you know your purpose, how are you actively living it?

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