Are you joining me in the #FATDEMON challenge? We’ve been going for two weeks and we’ve got one week to go! If you are just now hearing about the 21 Day Challenge, it’s not too late for you to join in!

As we enter the last week of our challenge, I want to shoot some practical encouragement your way. On today’s podcast, you will find tips from a long time friend mine who has struggled with losing a substantial amount of weight. This show will give hope to everyone who listens, particularly those who have struggled with weight for awhile or who might have found themselves up and down the scale a few more times than they care to admit.

On today’s podcast I’m talking with Vonetta Watts. Vonetta had been overweight all of her life.  But one day when she found herself taking pills for high blood pressure and diabetes and not yet forty years of age, Vonetta decided to make a change.

That change happened slowly but not only has Vonetta been able to lose over 150 pounds, she has been able to keep it up for five years.

Let’s just stop there and be amazed.

Vonetta and I talk about the changes that she made to lose the weight and what it looked like to keep the weight off successfully. You will love her and you will love her story.

For any of us that have struggled, it’s good for the soul to meet someone else who has struggled and won. We are reminded that even our most difficult battles can be fought and won.

We talk about what  food and exercise choices Vonnetta changed years ago and which of those changes she still has or does not have today. We discuss the importance of listening to your life, looking at your life, and deciding to love your life enough to change.

As we enter the last week of the #FATDEMON 21 Day Challenge, this chat will inspire you to stay the course and chart your way to victory.

In other news…

The #FATDEMON challenge continues…

And I’m inviting you to continue the 21 Day Challenge with me!

Each day you simply do the assignment for that day and continue doing any previous assignments.  One day will build on the next. This challenge is an Instagram challenge but you can do it anywhere on social media, or do it on your own or with a friend.


Weigh in is optional



WEEK 1 – Listen to Your Life

  • Day 1 – Water when you wake
  • Day 2 – Wake up a little earlier.
  • Day 3 – What’s your why?
  • Day 4 – “We”… touch base with “your person”
  • Day 5 – Water for half of your weight.
  • Day 6 – Wind down and rest.
  • Day 7 – Walk (for at least 15 minutes)

WEEK 2 – Look at Your Life

  • Day 8 – Log your meals
  • Day 9 – Look at your snacks.
  • Day 10 – Learn to like the green (Choose salad or the veggies)
  • Day 11 – Lug Your water…. only water.
  • Day 12 – List your meals and your movement. 
  • Day 13 – Lose the fast and/or fried food.
  • Day 14 – Lose the sugar.

WEEK 3 – Love Your Life

  • Day 15 through Day 21 – Practice and Repeat Days 1-14

Here’s some other fun things to do while you fight the #FATDEMON this week!

  • Day 15 – Share a scripture that helps keeps you focused.
  • Day 16 – Share a motivational quote that helps keeps you focused.
  • Day 17 – Share a screenshot of a song that helps keeps you focused.
  • Day 18 – Share with ME! Finish this sentence… I loved this challenge because…
  • Day 19 – Think about your exit/maintenance plan.
  • Day 20 – Write down your exit/maintenance plan.
  • Day 21 – Share your exit/maintenance plan with “your person”.

And don’t forget to share pics of your meals!

Here’s the basic recap…

Let’s Talk!

  • Have you lost the weight and kept it off?  What tips do you have for your success that you would share with other people?
  • What is your biggest struggle in losing or keeping off the weight? Soda, sweets, fast food?
  • What topic and/or guest would you like to hear from in the future?
  • Have a question you’d like for me to answer on a future podcast? Share your question with me HERE.

Highlights for Today’s Episode:

  • The best way for you to lose weight
  • What to do when you struggle with the process
  • Practical tips for eating and working out whether you are a beginner or have your plan down pat.

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